Senator Breastfeeds Her Baby at Work & People Freak Out, Because of Course

senator breastfeeding baby
Larissa Waters/Twitter

There's a saying that well-behaved women don't make history, but Australian senator Larissa Waters just did it anyway. The new mom showed up to Parliament with her little girl, Alia Joy, and proceeded to breastfeed from her seat on the Senate floor. It's the first time a mom's ever been able to do so in the building, thanks in part to Waters's own campaigning for parents' rights to care for their infants in Parliament. So how's the Internet reacting to a mom enjoying a historic moment? 


Well, let's just say we haven't yet reached the historic moment when society sees a woman breastfeeding and thinks, Oh, that kid was hungry, must carry on, nothing to see here

Waters posted an image of herself with Alia on Twitter, along with a call for more women and parents in Parliament:

Larissa Waters breastfeeding
Larissa Waters/Twitter

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It's hard to believe that it has taken until now for something like this to happen, at least when you consider women have been breastfeeding for as long as there have been humans. That this is "historic" in 2017 is not going unnoticed, and there's been plenty of mom power swirling around these past few days thanks to Waters.

Breastfeeding activists and everyday moms have come out to thank the senator for normalizing not just breastfeeding but working motherhood too:

thank you tweet

why did it take so long tweet

But it wouldn't be the Internet if people weren't trying to shove women back to the '50s, would it? Waters's historic moment has gotten some people very, very worked up.

Some people are just plain grossed out by everything parenting:


And there will always be the folks who think feeding your baby is just another way of showing off (Look, Ma, no hands!). 

breastfeeding showboating comment

There have been a lot of strange comparisons between breastfeeding a baby and ... sewing old pants?

feeding cat breastfeeeding

There have been a lot of questions about the timing too ... at least from folks who are convinced you can tell a 2-month-old when to get hungry:

timing breastfeeding

Sure, maybe Waters could have fed her little girl earlier. But then there wouldn't have been a photo op to show the world that there's no reason a breastfeeding mom can't work and breastfeed at the same time, even a powerful senator.

Interestingly, Waters's move also opened up a debate over whether babies belong at work at all ... even among people who pledge their support for breastfeeding. 

Even if babies are okay in a workplace setting, some are wondering if it creates undue pressure on women to feel that they have to juggle parenting in the workplace:

breastfeeding at work

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breastfeeding at work

Either way, Waters showing up with the baby in tow meant she's handling the return from maternity leave like a total boss.

She's both working and mothering at the same time, which is exactly what she fought for in pushing for parents -- of both genders -- to be able to bring their infants to work.

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