Mom Wins the Internet With 'Diaper Bag Hack' That's Effing Brilliant

Diaper bag hack
The Painted Dragon/Facebook

Anyone who's the parent of a baby or tot knows how challenging it can be to travel around with LO. In addition to making sure there's enough snacks and playthings to prevent impromptu tantrums, it's so easy to forget to pack the essentials in that wonderful diaper bag so many moms and dads loathe. There's just not enough space to house all the diapers, wipes, creams, and miscellaneous items you'll need in case of an emergency, which is always imminent ... But thankfully, there are moms like Elizabeth Burchiel who have found a way to minimize clutter and maximize our sanity. Seriously, this DIY diaper bag hack is a space-saving masterpiece that just might help prevent you from losing your sh*t. 


Burchiel, a California resident and owner of an art business called The Painted Dragon, recently took to Facebook where she shared what she calls a "really cool diaper bag hack."

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From the outside, Elizbeth's DIY project looks like an ordinary container of diaper wipes.

Diaper bag hack
The Painted Dragon/Facebok

... But inside is a mini compartment of storage space that will inspire you to deliver a handclap of praise as you think about all the extra room you'll have in your diaper bag.

Diaper bag hack
The Painted Dragon/Facebook

As the mom notes, "The regular sized wipes are held up there with a headband."


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But, wait -- there's more!

Not only was Elizabeth able to find enough space for her diaper changing pads, but she also had enough room to fit multiple diapers and an extra outfit should LO feel the spirit move her to blow out her diaper and require a different ensemble. (Fecal fashions just aren't in.)

Diaper bag hack
The Painted Dragon/Facebook

Since her original post went up, the mom has also made improvements to her original diaper bag hack, like adding a roll of scented "doggy" bags to store dirty diapers.

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Chillld, let me tell you how much I could've used this a couple of years ago when I was struggling to keep calm and carry on with a newborn child, a 16-month-old, and a diaper bag that overflowed with every cream, ointment, and diaper known to man.

I looked like a bag lady, a one-woman circus, a hoarder, and an extra from The Walking Dead -- all rolled into one. Having a hack like this likely would've done wonders for my mental health as I whispered "Please God" to myself every time I prayed an item I needed would be at the top of the bag instead of underneath a personal abyss of collected sh*t.

Though I have since moved on to a diaper backpack (they're pretty great) that has enough compartments and zippered storage places to make MacGyver and Martha Stewart jealous, I can't help but smile as I look at this -- and hope every mother on this earth considers pinning this beauty of a do-it-yourself project that will likely be a godsend to another mom. (Paying it forward is important.)

Elizabeth, my dear, you get an A for creativity, repurposing an old object, affordability, and thinking outside the box -- or in this case, thinking to put things inside a box of diaper wipes.

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