Dad Has the Most Adorable Response to 6-Year-Old Daughter's 'Accident'

Ben Sowards pee pee pants

Parents might not don a cape, but they are superheroes in their own right who can -- and often do -- save the day. Ben Sowards is a Utah dad whose response to his 6-year-old daughter's "accident" at school proves parents have the ability to turn even the most embarrassing of situations into moments of love and comfort. (See? Superhero powers.)


Sowards's 17-year-old daughter, Lucinda -- the eldest of 11 kids, FOX 13 reports -- recently shared photos of her dad rocking "peed pants" on Twitter after hearing his little girl Valerie accidentally wet her pants at school. The dad actually splashed water on the front of his jeans to make his little girl feel better.

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"My little sis had an accident today at kindergarten & this is how my dad left to pick her up so she wouldn't feel so sad/embarrassed," Lucinda wrote on Twitter.

All right, Dad!

Ben Sowards pee pee dad

Needless to say, Ben's actions helped put a smile on his little girl's face and likely made such a humiliating situation easier to bear.

Ben Sowards pee pee pants

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... Because, unexpected incidents like this can and do happen, and the best thing you can do is try to find humor in the situation and realize you aren't alone.

Ben Sowards pee pee dad

Since Lucinda posted these snaps of her dad and sister on Twitter, the response has been epic.

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(Ha! Bonus points for the Billy Madison reference.) 

Twitter response to Ben Sowards

Twitter response to Ben Sowards

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Twitter response to Ben Sowards


I love this story -- in all of its unconventional glory -- because it reminds me that actions like this, no matter how weird some might consider them to be, can be the positive reinforcement my children need in the moment. 

I would do the same thing!

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School these days, including kindergarten, can be tough to navigate. The "wrong move" -- or outfit, backpack, accessory, or whatever else people look at before shaming and casting judgment on a child -- can be hard to live down, especially when there's the beast of social media. So, if a simple act like pretending to wet your pants can help make a 6-year-old feel less ashamed about herself, honey, I'm all for it.

Great job, Pops.

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