The Touching Way a Deployed Dad Was Included in His Wife's Maternity Photos

Deployed military dad with expectant mother and wife
Tracy Lynn Photography/Facebook

When Nicole Bedwell approached Traci Lynn Fugitt, owner of Texas-based Traci Lynn Photography, to capture her pregnancy in a series of maternity photos, the mom-to-be knew she would have to do it without her loving husband by her side. Deployed at the time, Wesley Bedwell, who's active duty military in the navy, was 7,000 miles away. But he ended up being closer than he and Nicole could ever imagine, thanks to their amazing photographer. Traci Lynn's photo of a deployed father included in his wife's maternity shoot is emotional beyond words and just might leave you in tears.


"Nicole expressed how upsetting it was that he was deployed, so we decide he needed to be in the photos somehow," Fugitt, a stay-at-home mom of two, tells CafeMom. "Nicole got him to pose like he did and sent me the images to Photoshop together. I put them side by side to show the difference between the locations as they waited together for [their daughter] Pyper."

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After shooting Nicole's maternity pics on April 3, Traci Lynn soon had what she needed to create an image that's beyond magical.

maternity photo shoot with deployed dad
Traci Lynn Photography/Facebook

"When people see the picture, I hope they thank a soldier for their service, and feel the love radiating from it," says Fugitt. "Even 7,000 miles away, Wesley's love for his wife and newborn daughter is amazing."

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Since Traci Lynn created this amazing keepsake, Nicole developed hypertension that resulted in doctors recommending she be induced sooner rather than later. "Wesley was still deployed, but Nicole worked for an entire day on the phone getting a new ticket to get him home through Red Cross," Fugitt reveals to CafeMom.

Military wife with military tags
Traci Lynn Photography/Facebook

And on April 13, Nicole and Wesley welcomed their daughter Pyper to the world ... together.

Fugitt shares, "Pyper is here, [and] both Wesley and Nicole are doing great! They're beaming about their sweet girl."

Yay -- congrats to them!

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Wow. What an absolutely breathtaking story of a family once separated and miles a part, but united in love. There are no words I can say to adequately express my gratitude to the men and women who serve this country -- often leaving their families to ensure ours are protected and missing out on being physically present for memories and milestones.

Military wife with baby onesie
Traci Lynn Photography/Facebook

It's so amazing how photographers, like Traci Lynn, are able to remove constraints -- like distance -- to ensure loved ones who are deployed are included in these special moments, regardless of how far away they are.

I thank you for your service, Wesley, and am sure your daughter Pyper will look upon this photo with great pride as she grows up -- knowing her papa, though in a different country serving ours, has been with her, loving her, every step of the way.

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