Parents Can (Finally!) Have Sex Thanks to New App That'll Distract Your Kids

Four Seasons Condoms/YouTube

If your sex life has experienced a serious post-kid drought, you're not alone. In fact, most parents struggle to find a way to get their groove on that doesn't involve getting up with the roosters or staying up past the late show. (We're parents, we're tired!) That's why Australian company Four Seasons condoms actually created an entirely new cartoon to keep kids occupied while their parents have some adult time.


Partnering with creative agency Marcel, the condom company created a new online cartoon, The Extendables (lol). The cartoon actually connects to mobile app on phones to alert parents when kids move away from the screen -- and toward the room where some adult-audience-only action might be taking place.

By connecting with parents' smartphones, tablets, computers, or smart TVs through a webcam, it turns into a motion sensor. And here's where the name comes in -- if parents want a few more minutes of lovin', they simply use the app to "extend" the cartoon. Genius, right?

Here's the hilarious ad where you can see the app in action:

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Let's face it, kids are absolute ninjas. You never even hear them coming, especially if you're, um, distracted.

Sure, you can set up games on the iPad and Dora on the TV, but you never know when the kids are going to decide they need juice or ask you where clouds come from for the billionth time as you and your partner are attempting to enjoy a little grown-up time. As any frisky mom or dad can tell you, it's quite a mood-buster.

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No parent wants to scar a kid for life.

Nor are some parents ready or willing to have the "birds and bees" talk on the fly. 

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Still, a lot depends on whether or not your kids actually want to sit still and enjoy The Extendables -- which focuses on outerspace puppets who travel to Earth -- and if the show is entertaining enough to keep them from looking for mom and dad.  

But, hey, it's a creative solution to a problem pretty much every parent has, and it's worth a shot if it helps you reconnect and rekindle a bit of romance.

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