High School Posts Sexist Flyers Showing What 'Good Girls' Wear to Prom

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Prom season is just around the corner, which unfortunately means it's time for schools to start ramping up their sexist dress code BS. One Florida high school apparently wanted to get a jump on the competition. Stanton College Prep in Jacksonville outraged students (and their parents) by posting absurdly offensive flyers that label teens as "good" girls or "banned from prom" based on what they're wearing.


The flyers, which students say went up a measly five days before prom, show various models in different styles of prom dresses. One features a long dress with no cut-outs or slits and reads, "Going to Stanton prom? Yes, you are. Good Girl."

The others feature dresses with an open back, a slit on the thigh, or cut-outs on the sides and say, "Going to Stanton prom? No, you're not."

sexist prom flyers

Good girl? Really? It's like they're trying to be as patronizing as possible.

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As you can imagine, students were pissed when they saw these photos. Not only did the school wait until the week before prom -- when most people have already shelled out for their dresses -- to institute an extremely rigid dress code, but it also managed to collectively slut-shame anyone wearing "inappropriate" attire.

After the flyers went up, dozens of students took to Twitter to voice their frustrations. They even started the hashtag #SCPgoodgirl to mock the administration's decision to use such demeaning language in its dress code announcement.

sexist prom flyers

sexist prom flyers tweets

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school's sexist prom posters

sexist school prom posters

In addition to tweeting and voicing their disgust online, students also wore purple and white to school on Tuesday in protest of the flyers.

students wear purple and white to school

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Luckily, this story has a happy and inspiring ending. Stanton's students were so successful in their protests that Stanton College Prep ultimately issued an apology for the dress code and removed the flyers. Action News Jax even reports the principal apologized to students, saying, "Please do accept my apology for this poor delivery of information. Our intent is to make sure prom is enjoyable and memorable."

Obviously school administrators want prom to be a fun, positive experience for everyone involved. But, what these same people seem to forget time and time again is that there's nothing enjoyable about having your body policed or your wardrobe choices scrutinized -- and it only ever seems to happen to girls. Notice how you never see flyers dictating what boys are allowed to wear or categorizing them as "good" or "bad" based on which parts of their bodies they're showing.

Dress codes like this place an unfair burden on girls and young women to try control how other people might respond to them or treat them based on what they're wearing. Formal events usually have standards of dress, and that's fine. But when the rules only apply to girls, that's not standards; that's sexism.

As a parent, I think it's thrilling to see how these teens used their voices and their minds to stand up for themselves and call out an unfair and demeaning policy. Hopefully more school administrators take note so we can finally -- finally -- move on from this dress code nonsense and just let teens enjoy their proms.

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