Dad Prevents Massive School Shooting by Turning in His Own Daughter

Would-bed Maryland school shooter's arsenal
Frederick County Sheriff's Office, MD/Facebook

As parents, we always want to believe the best of our children. But what if a situation presented itself in which you realized the opposite was true? Would you have the courage and conviction to do something about it? Thankfully, these parents of a would-be school shooter had the strength to turn in their own daughter, ultimately saving who knows how many innocent lives.


Eighteen-year-old Nichole Cevario was methodically planning a massacre at her Maryland high school in which she, too, intended to die. But before the troubled student was able to carry out her deadly plot, which she'd planned for April 5, her father contacted Catoctin High School and had her removed from class after reading her journals detailing her horrific plans.

Frederick County sheriff Charles Jenkins credits this courageous dad for preventing the attack, and explained to NBC News that the teen's diaries showed "evidence of mental health issues, [and] emotional issues."

Cevario was immediately taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital for an emergency evaluation and remains hospitalized. 

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This has to be beyond terrifying for fellow students, as well as this teen's mom and dad. Not every parent would take such swift and potentially lifesaving action. This dad is a true hero for coming forward as quickly he did. 

According to authorities, Cevario was amassing a terrifying arsenal. The teen detailed how she was attempting to gather the following: a shotgun, ammunition, and bomb-making materials including nails and fireworks. After a thorough investigation, they believe the teen was plotting this alone and did not have any accomplices, which may provide some comfort to other students and their families. 

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While we may never know what drove Cevario to consider such an unspeakable crime, authorities believe she was not a victim of bullying, but Jenkins added that the teen had "a lot of frustration" in her life.

Whatever led her dad to find her journals and then act on that information, we're enormously relieved that he did. With teens, you may feel as if you're always walking a fine line between not wanting to invade their privacy but at the same time needing to make sure they're staying out of trouble. Thankfully, in this case, Cevario's dad read her diaries and made what had to be an incredibly tough decision to call the authorities. 

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Offering up this information put his daughter in a very negative spotlight -- not to mention, some serious legal trouble -- and surely there will be those who question the way she was parented and how that may have contributed to her plans. Still, her father pushed all of that aside and did the right thing. There's no doubt the town will always be grateful he came forward when he did. 

We might never know if the teen would've carried out her deadly plans, but we do hope this dad's decisive action will lead to getting her the help she clearly needs.

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