Mom's Joyful Photos Celebrate Every Person Who Helped Her Adopt This Little Girl

Jeanne Sager | Mar 24, 2017 Parenting News
Mom's Joyful Photos Celebrate Every Person Who Helped Her Adopt This Little Girl

Millie Holloman Photography

Millie Holloman always knew she'd become a mom. She just didn't know the path she'd take to get there ... at least not until she began looking into foster care. As a photographer, Holloman was a business owner with a flexible schedule and plenty of room in both her heart and her house. Now three years after signing on to care for kids who need it most, Holloman has just become a "legal" mom, and a beautiful series of photos she shared celebrating the event shows that it really does take a village.

Holloman tells CafeMom the photos of her "village," each showing a person or people holding up a signboard with a personalized statement, celebrate the people who supported her on her journey to motherhood.

"I've often said that when I signed up for foster care, I signed up for the heartache and pain that often come with it," Holloman wrote in her now viral Facebook post. "But my family and friends didn't sign those papers, just me. I just drug them all into it. They've been through the ups and downs with me. They've supported me when I called crying after court hearings or given me a shoulder to cry on when I've had to buckle kids in their car seat and send them off with another family to love. They have fallen in love with these kids and they have prayed big prayers for us all. They have stepped up and filled in the gaps for the roles I can't be to these kids."

She never meant for the photos celebrating her adoption and her village to go viral -- she just wanted daughter Vera Wren to have something to look back on, something to show her how incredibly loved and wanted she was from the very first day of her new life.

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