Mom Shares Warning After Vacuum Gives Toddler 4th Degree Burns

finger caught in vacuum burned
Jade Bishop/Facebook

In an ideal world, no child would ever get hurt. There would be no such thing as an accident, a "boo boo," or the need to go to the emergency room. Sadly, we don't live in that ideal oasis, as mishaps can and often do occur. Jade Bishop is warning parents about the dangers of a common household cleaning device after her 16-month-old son got his finger caught in a vacuum and suffered some shocking injuries.


Looking at these photos of Jade's son Theo are heart-wrenching, but something the English mum wants every parent to see for good reason:

It can happen to anyone.

"So I wasn't going to post this for a few reasons, mainly the criticism from people and the fact that I felt like the world's worst mum, but it appears to be a lot more common that I ever realised!" Mom writes in her Facebook post. "I just want people to realise the dangers of children and vacuum cleaners!"

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Like most children who are super curious and so eager to help their parents clean (side note: why can't this be a thing once they become tweens and teenagers?), little Theo was helping his mama vacuum their home when the toddler decided to turn the vacuum back on when Jade wasn't looking.

"... I hear Theo turn it back on, turn my head to hear him screaming," Bishop reveals. "I yank the plug from the wall and he has managed to put his thumb in the bottom of the Dyson where the bristles spin at a crazy speed, I go to him quicker than I ever have to see he's got a nasty looking burn on his hand!"

This poor mom writes that she was "crying [her] eyes out panicking" as she took Theo straight to the emergency room, thinking that he would soon be "dressed, bandaged and sent on [his] way to heal!"

finger stuck in vacuum burned
Jade Bishop/Facebook
Oh no!

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But, if the sounds of Jade's 16-month-old son's screaming in pain weren't enough to cripple this mother, Theo's injuries would prove to be more than meets the eye.

".... We are referred to Bristol Children's Hospital to see burns specialists and plastic surgeons the next day, with a 4th degree burn and possibly exposed tendons," Mom notes on Facebook. "... [T]hey are now talking about possibilities of skin grafts and surgery [and] nasty scarring with restricted movement as he grows ..."

Jade Bishop is an English mother who's sharing photos of her toddler son's injuries on Facebook for a good reason.
Jade Bishop/Facebook


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Thankfully, Mom reveals on Facebook that Theo is doing well given the circumstances, which is so refreshing to hear. 

As a mother of two little ones (my boys are 3 and 1½), I know how easy it is for tots to get into everything at their eye level within the blink of an eye. Little Theo could've been one of my boys, as they're constantly wanting to help me around the house and could easily turn on our vacuum cleaner.

I'm so grateful that Jade shared her child's incident on social media, as it can truly happen to everyone -- including the parents who swear up and down nothing will ever happen to their children on their watch. (I have been guilty of saying this ... and something random always ends up happening as a result.)

The more we can share our parenting experiences -- and feel comfortable doing so without fear of being shamed -- the stronger our community can be, and that will only make us better moms and dads.

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