3 Years After This Photo, Childhood Cancer Survivors Reunite

childhood cancer survivors
Scantling Photography
The reality of childhood cancer is painful, but we can't afford to turn away. That's why mom and photographer Lora Scantling brought three little girls battling cancer together for a portrait session back in 2014 -- to bring awareness to the disease. The stunning photo quickly went viral for its heartbreaking beauty, and now, three years later, a new photo series of the girls is doing the same for a wonderful reason: All the kids are now cancer-free!

The girls actually take a new photo every year, but each anniversary becomes more meaningful -- and the recent three-year photos are especially magical. 

"I have loved getting the girls together each year," Scantling told CafeMom. "They always have a blast when they're together and are always excited to see me too!"

"We love that the world still wants to see how the girls are doing and we are using that as a tool to help keep people talking about childhood cancer awareness," Scantling added. "It needs more attention!"

These breathtaking photos are sure to inspire people to get involved...



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