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The Disney Princesses Make Badass Activists In Artist's Gorgeous Series

Disney princesses as activists
Amanda Allen Niday
The Disney princesses have been reimagined as just about everything at this point, from breastfeeding moms to Clueless characters to hot dogs (no, really), but their latest incarnation is by far our favorite: Women's rights activists! Artist Amanda Allen Niday has created a series of illustrations starring Belle, Mulan, and the rest as sign-wielding protesters using lines from their own movies as feminist slogans -- and the resulting images are exactly what you (and your kids) need to see right now!

"These steadfast, kindhearted, boldly dreaming women were my idols as a kid, and I continue to be inspired and influenced by them in my adulthood," Niday told CafeMom. "When I set out to make this series, that admiration was definitely on my mind."

Indeed, that admiration certainly comes through! These fierce and feminist princesses are setting a much-needed example for all ages, in a fun and familiar way that really resonates -- and they just might inspire you to make a few signs of your own!

Amanda Allen Niday

1Fiercest of Them All

"I wanted these women to be recast as the heroines I need as an adult, just like I needed them as a kid," said Niday. "Seeing them fight for goodness and their own truth, just like they do in their own narratives."

We're betting this new Snow White is all about closing the wage gap!

Amanda Allen Niday

2She Had a Dream

From finding glass slippers to shattering glass ceilings, this modern-day Cinderella would no doubt be passionate about issues like the welfare of children and families and raising the minimum wage.

Amanda Allen Niday

3Eyes Wide Open

Sleeping Beauty isn't letting anyone pull the wool over her eyes these days. (And when she does go to sleep, she doesn't need some guy to wake her up -- that's what alarms are for!)

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Amanda Allen Niday

4On Her Own Two Feet

"I was lucky enough to grow up right when Disney was returning to feature-length animated films," said Niday.

"So I was a mermaid all summer, running through hidden pine trails and pulling up the corners on every carpet to make it fly."

Ariel definitely inspired countless fantasies of becoming a professional mermaid -- with a voice that refuses to be silenced!

Amanda Allen Niday

5More Than Just a Beauty

Seeing as Bell was already one of the more progressive Disney heroines, an updated version of her would almost certainly be an advocate for education -- and animal rights, naturally.

Amanda Allen Niday

6Ready for a Whole New World

"If I could choose what young girls take away from this series, it would be that you can be strong in real life too, not just when you're crossing oceans and fighting bears," said Niday.

"It's not a fantasy to be a brave, fierce, and beautiful princess in real life."

We love Jasmine's hijab!

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Amanda Allen Niday

7Mother Earth

Pocahontas knows the earth is not a "dead thing you can claim," and would undoubtedly be fighting for the environment (as well as protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline!).

Amanda Allen Niday

8Warrior Princess

Another particularly progressive Disney princess, Mulan wasn't afraid to fight for what she believed in ... whether those battlefields were real or metaphorical. 


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