The Disney Princesses Make Badass Activists In Artist's Gorgeous Series

Disney princesses as activists
Amanda Allen Niday
The Disney princesses have been reimagined as just about everything at this point, from breastfeeding moms to Clueless characters to hot dogs (no, really), but their latest incarnation is by far our favorite: Women's rights activists! Artist Amanda Allen Niday has created a series of illustrations starring Belle, Mulan, and the rest as sign-wielding protesters using lines from their own movies as feminist slogans -- and the resulting images are exactly what you (and your kids) need to see right now!


"These steadfast, kindhearted, boldly dreaming women were my idols as a kid, and I continue to be inspired and influenced by them in my adulthood," Niday told CafeMom. "When I set out to make this series, that admiration was definitely on my mind."

Indeed, that admiration certainly comes through! These fierce and feminist princesses are setting a much-needed example for all ages, in a fun and familiar way that really resonates -- and they just might inspire you to make a few signs of your own!