Dad Nails the Struggle of Pregnancy Sex in Hilarious 'How-To' Video

Pregnancy Love Lessons
La Guardia Cross/YouTube

When you're pregnant, it's not uncommon to feel the urge to indulge in a tussle between the sheets -- or wherever the spirit moves you to get it on. And, though your hormones are raging and you're likely so freaking game, don't be surprised if you experience a few hurdles. New dad La Guardia Cross's "Pregnant Love Lessons" is must-see video that hilariously shows the less-than-glamorous side of attempting pregnancy sex.


As Cross notes on YouTube, "These lessons come directly from our most failed attempt at pregnant love making. We've learned, and we hope you can too."


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In the video, La Guardia and his wife, Leah, don't hold back when it comes to detailing the problems they've encountered during their attempts to enjoy one another while expecting (they're having a girl!). Whether it's trying to prevent their 2-year-old daughter, Amalah, from spoiling the fun, or exploring a few other speed bumps that come with the pregnancy sex territory, Cross does a great job of discussing potential pregnancy sex issues through the use of some very creative visuals. For example: 

1. "Oiling the pan"

La Guardia recommends men help in "the kitchen," which we all know is a code word for the lady box -- you know, the vagina? "With pregnancy, sometimes your pan can be dry," La Guardia mentions in the video. "And so, if your pan is dry, make sure to oil the pan."

Lord knows there were times when my mind was like Niagara Falls but south of the border felt like the Sahara Desert. So, yes, oiling "the pan" is an important step a mom-to-be might need help with. After all, we can't exactly see everything down below.

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2. "Loading first position"

La Guardia notes partners should be patient, as pregnant women need time to find a comfortable position so they can enjoy the ride. He demonstrates this with a hilarious "loading first position" bit that shows his wife crawling to a comfy spot while the sound of an old modem plays in the background. That rang especially true for me; when I was expecting, it would often lead to a game of hands and knees on the bed (when in doubt, doggie style it out). Sorry, but I'm just not trying to spend three hours messing with pillows to get it in. Mama has stuff to do!

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3. The "speed bump"

The laughs certainly didn't stop as La Guardia touched on a common "uh-oh" moment that can and just might happen. "You may encounter a speed bump -- and that speed bump is your unborn child letting you know that they're there," he warns.

You better preach, brother La Guardia!

That happened to me and my husband a couple times, and it shut everything down real quick. I don't know about you, but I can't get in the mindset to get my freak on when I have a growing baby trying to blast his foot through my belly.

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4. The "road block"

La Guardia touched on so many common hurdles and setbacks expectant parents can experience while trying to have sex -- and he didn't forget the one that's most likely to happen if you already have a child: not being able to finally do it once all the prep work is done, because your small child is trying to get into the room.

Talk about blocking!

You can check out the full video here:

I can't thank La Guardia and Leah enough for the laughs. Should you happen to be pregnant, just know things don't always go down like this, but it does make for laughable moments in the future (when you aren't horny and frustrated).

May the force be with you on your sexual endeavors.

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