These Super Cute 'IVF Onesies' Celebrate Babies Born After Infertility

IVF onesies
Sew Cute By Emma/
Dealing with an infertility diagnosis can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining. IVF is a common method used by couples in trying to overcome infertility, but as so many know from heart-wrenching personal experience, it's not always successful. I'm a mom to twin 4-year-old boys who were conceived through IVF, and I know firsthand that if you're lucky enough to have a baby, you're so excited that you want to scream it from the rooftops. However, yelling is an excellent way to wake a sleeping baby, so Etsy designer Emma Wehrman, owner of Sew Cute by Emma, has created the next best thing: adorable onesies designed just for babies who were born with the help of IVF.


Wehrman's inspiration came from wanting to make something special for a dear friend. "[I have] a friend who is pregnant with her little IVF miracle baby," she tells CafeMom. "I wanted to make them for her because I know how excited and thankful she is for this baby."

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The onesies have clever slogans like "Made with love and science," or "I survived the ice age" (a nod to frozen embryos). Wehrman says the reaction to her designs have all been positive, and she's especially touched that many customers share their infertility stories with her when placing an order. "I feel honored that they're sharing their story with me. They go through so much to have these children and I love that I get to be a part of celebrating their little miracle babies once they're finally holding them in their arms."

Sew Cute by Emma/Etsy

When my twin sons were babies, I took full advantage of the fact that they were too young to have an opinion on their clothing, and therefore I have tons of great photos of them in adorable onesies. Still, I really wish I could shrink them down for a day just so they could wear one of Wehrman's creations.

Not only are these onesies ridiculously cute, but as a twin mom, I recall that people used to stop me constantly to ask questions, so these onesies would have saved me so much time. One of the things strangers often felt compelled to ask me was if my baby boys were conceived naturally. If only I'd had these onesies, I wouldn't have had to field questions about my sex life in the produce section.

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But, beyond the fact that these onesies could help moms of twins get to the checkout counter faster, they also serve another important purpose. Infertility is a difficult, heavy topic. These lighthearted onesies are a great way to start a conversation about infertility, and possibly inspire a connection between someone who's preparing to go through IVF and someone who's already been down that road.

"I think infertility can be somewhat of a taboo subject," says Wehrman. "But the onesies might offer the opportunity for a couple with children [born] via IVF to help another couple going through the same struggle that they had, to encourage and come alongside them while they go through their options for infertility."

Sew Cute by Emma/Etsy

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When I first had my twins, as thrilled as I was, there was a part of me that felt guilt over the fact that my body had fertility issues, and that I required medical assistance to do what women have been doing since the beginning of time. "You cheated!" an acquaintance once said to me jokingly when I told her the part that IVF played in bringing my boys into this world. Even though her words were playful, they stung.

As a society we tend to hold things that are natural in a more positive light. It's marketed to us constantly –- no artificial sweeteners! Made with REAL ingredients! This attitude that natural is better also gets carried over into pregnancy and childbirth, where woman sometimes feel pressured to have a drug-free labor, or, in my case, they feel shame over using IVF or other reproductive assistance technologies.

But using IVF to get pregnant is no more cheating than needing a pacemaker or an insulin pump. Infertility is just another medical condition, and luckily there are treatments, like IVF, that can help. Onesies like Wehrman's help celebrate the fact that medical advances have come so far, and they're great for educating others that infertility is more common than many people realize.

Sew Cute by Emma/Etsy

Thanks to the popularity and positive reaction her IVF onesies have received, Wehrman's thinking about expanding her offerings to include items for couples going through the IVF process. She's considering designing a special Transfer Day shirt for couples to wear to commemorate the day when their embryos are implanted. 

They may be little outfits for tiny humans, but the message expressed by these onesies is huge.



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