This Bracelet Lets Dads 'Feel' What It's Like to Be Pregnant

Fibo wearable technology band

There are many times during pregnancy when an expectant mom would love to trade places with her partner (why suffer through nausea and bouts of aches and pains alone?), but sadly, that sort of wizardry is far from reality. Though no one can truly know what carrying a baby feels like until that person has experienced it, it seems we're making strides to include others in the "joys of being pregnant." Tech company First Bond Wearables has developed Fibo, a bracelet that lets dads "feel" their babies kick in the womb -- which, you have to admit, is a pretty dope concept.


While Fibo shields expectant dads from the unpleasant sides of pregnancy -- like random food aversions and that pesky thing called childbirth -- First Bond Wearables believes it's "designed a solution that brings families together in a new, fun, and innovative way."

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The bracelet works in tandem with a small device expectant moms wear on their bellies. The device monitors their baby's movements and then transmits the data to the bracelet. Each bracelet has internal rotating beads to simulate the baby's movement -- like a "nudge or a quick thrust," depending on how active baby is -- so whoever is wearing the band can feel the baby's fetal activity mimicked on his or her wrist in real time.

Pretty cool, right?

Fibo makers pride themselves on making a pregnancy monitoring device that looks "like something James Bond would own," but they also believe this bracelet is a great way for parents-to-be to share in both the emotional and physical experience of expecting a baby.

... Obviously excluding the not-so-wonderful -- and sometimes painful -- moments of being with child. (Just keeping it real.)

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Honestly, if I was pregnant, I would gift my husband something like this -- especially since the makers say you can rent a Fibo and transfer your baby's movement data to a ring as a keepsake (that's pretty fetch). I really wish my husband could share in the experience of bringing a child into this world -- and all the beautiful and memorable movements that come with it -- though he and our firstborn did used to have a game at night where our unborn son would kick every place my husband touched on my belly.

Fibo would be a great present for grandparents, too. I could totally see my mom crying to no end at the thought of being nudged every time her grandchild moved in my womb. 

Yeah, I would win the Daughter of the Year award for sure.

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I also think this Fibo bracelet has the potential to be really great for families separated by distance -- like an expectant mom with a loved one serving in the military or working a job that constantly has him/her on the go. It could allow the faraway family member to be a part of the experience, assuming Fibo could work with so many miles between expectant moms and dads.

There's no official launch date for Fibo yet, though Newsweek reveals the start-up hopes the bands will be available by next year. I think Fibo has real promise to be a sentimental gift that can make the pregnancy journey that much sweeter.

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