Mom Arrested for Homeschooling Her Kids -- Say What?

Mom arrested for homeschooling
7 Eyewitness News

When a mother feels that the local education system is failing her kids, she's often forced to take matters into her own hands. But one single mom in Buffalo, New York, is paying the price for trying to do right by her youngsters. Kiarre Harris was arrested for obstructing a court order after Child Protective Services tried to remove her children from her home claiming that she didn't have the legal right to homeschool them.


Although Harris had filed the necessary paperwork to un-enroll her two elementary school–aged children from her district and had been working with the homeschooling coordinator, she's now facing charges and hasn't seen her children in three weeks, as they've been placed in foster care. 

It sounds crazy, right? Well, according to 7 Eyewitness News, the Buffalo Public School District is claiming that Harris wasn't actually able to un-enroll her kids from school because she doesn't have full legal custody of them. However, Harris has stated that she's always been a single parent and, as such, she of course has full custody of her kids.

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Hearing Harris explain the situation is infuriating. 

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Your heart breaks for this mom, who was merely trying to improve upon her children's education. No parent wants to think that his or her child's potential is being dismissed or disregarded. Plus, as most parents know too well, if your children aren't being challenged in school, they often lose interest in their studies or start to misbehave because they're bored. 

It sounds to us like Harris was trying to do her best to keep her kids engaged and on the right path to learning as much as they could. What a shocking and devastating turn of events this has to be for her. 

Fortunately, Buffalo councilman Ulysses O. Wingo Sr. told 7 Eyewitness News that he finds it "utterly unacceptable" that Harris should be arrested for "educational neglect" after doing everything asked of her. 

We hope that this mom gets justice and is reunited with her kids as soon as possible.

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