Britax Recalls Over Half a Million Strollers Due to Injuries: What You Need to Know

Britax stroller

As parents on the go, moms and dads often rely on travel systems to transport their child from place to place without needing to carry them 24/7. That's why most of us will want to pay attention to news that popular kid product manufacturer Britax is voluntarily recalling 676,000 strollers due to a potential falling hazard.


The announcement, published on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website, makes this the biggest stroller recall since 2014 and comes after reports of 30-plus children falling while the strollers were in use.

Here's what parents need to know:

Britax B-Agile BOB Motion February 2017 recall

1. The Britax recall focuses on the Britax B-Agile and BOB Motion strollers amid concerns the Click & Go receiver mount on the stroller frame -- which allows parents to secure the coordinating infant car seat -- could cause the car seat to unexpectedly detach from the stroller. The CPSC estimates roughly 676,000 units sold in the US are included in the recall, along with close to 36,400 sold in Canada, and an estimated 4,600 sold in Mexico.

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2. Britax has received 33 incident reports of car seats disengaging from the strollers and falling. A reported 26 children have been injured as a result, with noted cuts, bruises, and scratches. Yahoo Beauty mentions Britax is also aware of 1,337 strollers reported with damaged Click & Go receivers.

3. As of right now, the following model numbers -- regardless of color (all are included in the recall) -- sold between May 2011 and February 2017, both online and in retail stores nationwide, are being recalled:

  • B-Agile: U691878, U691879, U691881, U691882, U691884, U691904, U691905, S04402800, S04978900, U451835, U451837, U451841, U551835, U551837, U551841, U551861, U551862, U551863, U551864, U551865, U551905, U551906, U341763, U341764, U341782, U341783, U341825, U341826, U341828, U461763, U461764, U461782, U461783, U461825, U461826, U461828, U341X82, U34X782
  • B-Agile Travel System: S01298600, S01298700, S01635200, S02063600, S02063700, S02063800, S02063900, S02064000, S03803400, S03803500, S03803700, S03803800, S03803900, S04144400, S04144500, S04144600, S04144700, S04144800, S04144900, S04145000, S04183700, S04183800, S04184000, S04281200, S04281300, S04437700, S04628500, S04884200, S04884300, S04884400, S04884500, S04975600, S05060600, S05260200, S05511600, S05511700, S865800, S865900, S874300, S874400, S874500, S877200, S890100, S896000, S896200, S896600, S907200, S907300, S907400, S907500, S907600, S910200, S910300, S910400, S910500, S912300, S914300, S914500, S914700, S914900, S915200, S915400, S917400, S921800, S921900, S923700, U391875, U511875, U511877
  • B-Agile Double: U721895, U721896, U491842, U491843, U491844, U491908, U491909, U491910, U361763, U361818, U361819, U361825, U471818, U471819
  • BOB Motion: S888600, S890200, S890300, S890400, S890500, S909700, S910600, S910700, S910800, S910900, S912600, U391820, U391821, U391822, U481820, U481821, U481822, U501820, U501821, U501822, U501907

4. To determine if your B-Agile or BOB Motion stroller is affected, CPSC notes you can find the model number on the inside of the stroller's metal frame -- it will be near the right of the back wheel for single strollers, and on the underside of the middle frame on double strollers. Here are photos of those locations for reference:
Britax B-Agile:
Britax B-Agile Double:
BOB Motion:
5. Britax advises customers with recalled single strollers to stop using the Click & Go receiver mounts immediately and request a free repair kit. You can install the repair kit after reviewing the instruction guide. You can also use this video as an added reference:

Customers with an affected double stroller unit should cease using it with the car seat attached. 
6. Britax says all consumers can still use their stroller and car seat independently of each other and do not need to return their affected product to the retailer.
7. To receive a free repair kit for single strollers, or verify whether or not your product is affected, visit You can also contact Britax at (844) 227-0300 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, and from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET on Saturday.
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