American Girl Finally Adds a Boy Doll to Its Collection

American Girl introduces Logan Everett, the first boy doll
American Girl

Though a good number of parents (and children) are likely still pissed at American Girl for putting permanent underwear on Truly Me dolls, maybe this bit of awesome news will help restore a bit of faith in the doll company. American Girl just announced plans to release its first-ever boy doll that, hopefully, will reaffirm the notion that everyone can and should enjoy playing with dolls.


World, say hello to Logan Everett, who is set to make his grand debut on February 16. Logan is a drummer who enjoys playing music with his friend, singer and guitar player Tenney Grant, who joins a list of new American Girl dolls set to make appearances later this year.

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American Girl debuts Logan Everett, their first ever boy doll
American Girl

Julie Parks, American Girl's director of public relations, tells the Huffington Post she has heard parents' comments about diversity and hopes Logan will make for a great addition to boys' and girls' favorite toys.

"Adding a boy to our lineup has been a number one request for a very, very, very long time," Parks told the Huffington Post. "For a long time, we've been hearing, 'We want more.'"

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I think I speak for all parents when I say THANK YOU to American Girl. Adding a boy to the lineup of available dolls has been a long time coming and is definitely a step in the right direction.

Representation is so important, and it goes beyond ethnicity. It has to -- it needs to -- include gender, as there's such a crazy stigma around the "right types of toys" boys and girls should enjoy. For so long, it seems like our little gents-in-training have been told they can't or shouldn't play with dolls, because they're only for girls.

And this type of BS needs to stop now.

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I have 3- and 1½-year-old boys whom I let play with whatever toys make them giddy. And, should one of them ever want to bring home a doll to square up against their foot-tall superheroes (that's their thing right now), so be it. 

Boys playing with dolls shouldn't be a big deal at all.

Hopefully American Girl's Logan doll will help "normalize" this type of play and encourage girls and boys to enjoy a trip to the American Girl store.

... Assuming they weren't already reveling in the joys of playing with dolls.
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