Mom Livid After Daycare Worker Is Caught Breastfeeding Her Baby

These days, it's not uncommon for breastfeeding moms to "milk-share," or feed each other's babies. Sometimes women will use donor breast milk if they're having trouble nursing. We've even seen viral stories about women who've stepped up to breastfeed for a friend who's battling an illness or can't produce enough milk. But, what if someone breastfed your baby totally against your wishes? One North Carolina mom is livid after she claims an employee at her 3-month-old's daycare breastfed her son without permission.


Kaycee Oxendine is a pre-K teacher at Carrboro Early School, where her 3-month-old also attends daycare. On Friday, she tells ABC 7, her son's teacher said the little boy was constipated. Another employee working in the nursery offered to breastfeed the baby to see if it would help him feel better. Oxendine says she repeatedly declined the woman's offer, but once Oxendine left the room, all hell broke loose.

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Security footage recorded shortly after Oxendine's departure shows the daycare worker sitting in a rocking chair, adjusting her shirt, and bringing Oxendine's son to her breast to nurse. The employee holds the baby there for a few seconds and only stops breastfeeding once another woman stands up to leave the room. You can check out the shocking footage for yourself:

As if it weren't nightmarish enough to have your child breastfed by a stranger without permission, Oxendine also claims the incident sent her son to the hospital. Her son was born prematurely and is lactose intolerant, so she says being breastfed caused him to vomit. Not only did this employee ignore Oxendine's wishes, but she also put an innocent, helpless 3-month-old at risk.

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"To me, a criminal act was committed against him," Oxendine explained in an interview with ABC 7. "Not only did you put your breast to my son, you also made my son sick because he's lactose. So you've put something in his body that his body can't digest."

Breastfeeding may be natural and healthy for babies, but that doesn't give anyone the right to ignore parents' wishes for their children. This daycare employee had no way of knowing if she was exposing Oxendine's son to unknown allergens or germs. She was completely out of line, and her actions actually could've caused real harm.

If there's one bright spot in this story, it's that the employee in question has since been fired and police are investigating the incident as misdemeanor child abuse. Like any of us, Oxendine says she definitely wants to press charges.

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Obviously, there's nothing wrong with an infant being breastfed by someone other than his or her mom, but breastfeeding requires consent just like any activity involving someone else's child. Breastfeeding someone's baby without permission isn't just a mistake or a simple disagreement -- it's a disturbing violation, and this mom has every right to treat it that way.

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