15-Year-Old Invents Genius Babywearing Hack for Hands-Free Cooking

Mom's hilarious text reveals a new way to carry a baby while cooking.
Claudia Sorhaindo/Shutterstock

It's not uncommon for parents to look to friends and relatives to watch their children. Aside from established trust, there's a comfort in knowing said loved ones will take care of your child and not burn down the house (well, hopefully). Plus, when you leave your kids in the care of someone you know well, you often get unexpected and hilarious surprises, like Claudia Sorhaindo's photo of an unthinkable babywearing hack her 15-year-old niece created in order to make a sandwich hands-free.


Sorhaindo wrote on Facebook that she had to run home for a few minutes while her niece J'Ann was babysitting her 2-month-old daughter, Ava. When she walked in, she saw her niece had made her pants into a makeshift baby carrier so she could grab a bite to eat without taking her eyes off the baby. We're so grateful Claudia shared these photos. Though you probably won't see this DIY trick on Pinterest anytime soon, we definitely give J'Ann an A for creativity, because this is really something -- LOL!

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"Lord send help this was her solution ... like really ... creativity at its finest."


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J'Ann obviously loves her baby cousin and wanted to keep a close eye on her while her mother was away -- though Baby Ava does have that "I don't think I'm supposed to be here, but it sure is comfortable" look on her face. Priceless!

Looking at this photo, I can totally picture my little "grown sister" (we're 10 years apart) doing something like this to one of my kids. Our interaction would probably play out like:

"If you don't get my child out your pants! Why didn't you get the baby carrier??"

"This was easier."


You gotta love the imagination and inventiveness of this 15-year-old. You never know, it could turn into a new trend!

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As silly and as funny as this photo is, I love how it represents family. Claudia and her fiancé, Rolston Pemberton, live close to their relatives because they moved from St. Croix to Florida while she was pregnant with Ava. It's heartwarming to know they have people to rely on -- especially in light of the sad news that they lost their 3-month-old daughter, Jenelle, back in St. Croix after a medication mix-up.

It takes a village to raise a family, and this photo proves just that -- even if it cracks us up.

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