This 'Dads Who Play Barbie' Video Nails 1 Super Important Thing About Parenting


Most little girls love to play with Barbie dolls, but a surprising and sweet new ad campaign by Mattel wants us to know they aren't strictly for kids. During this past Sunday's NFL playoff games, the makers of Barbie debuted a new commercial that proves playing with dolls is the definition of #DadGoals.


The commercial features several dads and their daughters bonding over their shared Barbie playtime. Each of the men talks about his stereotypically "macho" hobbies, like going to the racetrack or watching sports on TV. But then the shot changes, and each dad is shown engaged in play with his daughter, doing his very best Barbie voices, and coming up with creative scenarios for the dolls, like flying to the moon. Says one dad, "Sundays are always for football, and now that gets interrupted with, uh, a little Barbie time."

The ad is a part of Mattel's "You Can Be Anything" campaign, which focuses on nurturing young girls' dreams and the importance of parental playtime. At the end of the commercial, it even reminds parents, "Time spent in her imaginary world is an investment in her real world."

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Since the commercial aired, dozens of people have taken to social media using the hashtag #DadsWhoPlayBarbie to celebrate the ad's positive message.

The commercial does play into a few stereotypes -- namely that only girls play with Barbie dolls and most dads think they're too "manly" to get down with the pink convertible or the Barbie Dream House. But, more importantly, the commercial aims to dispel those myths and show dads that there's nothing more valuable than investing time and enthusiasm in their kids, whether that time is spent with a sparkly Barbie or a remote control car.

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Playtime isn't always fun for grown-ups, but nothing reinforces the bond between parents and kids quite like taking an active interest in the things our children love. It's important to show kids that anyone can play with dolls, that there's no limit to the things they can do, and that there's no substitution for quality time spent together. With this new ad campaign, Mattel totally hits the mark.

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