Was It Safe for Pink to Bring Her 3-Week-Old to the March? An Expert Weighs In

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This singer has never been shy about speaking up for what she believes in, so it's no surprise that she took to the streets of Santa Barbara, California, to join in the women's marches that occurred across the country Saturday. But, it's who Pink brought along with her that's raised some eyebrows.


The "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" songstress marched alongside her husband Carey Hart, daughter Willow, 5, and 3-week-old son Jameson. It was that last member of the family that caused a fuss. Take a look at her little guy nestled in his sling:

We march together

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While most commenters applauded the new mom for getting out there and standing up for what she believes in, others thought maybe baby Jameson shouldn't have been there at this tender age. 

"Why would you bring your 3-week-old baby to such a thing?" one commenter asked. 

Many pediatricians will tell parents to keep newborns away from crowds and germs -- especially in bacteria breeding grounds like malls and airplanes.

We asked Mika Hiramatsu, MD, a pediatrician at Castro Valley Pediatrics in Hayward, California, for her opinion. 

"In general, I recommend that parents get their babies their first 'set' of immunizations prior to mingling in the general public," Dr. Hiramatsu told CafeMom. "That would include DPaT, polio, pneumococcal, haemophilus, rotavirus, and hepatitis B. Because most of these illnesses can and do kill infants, and because the youngest are most vulnerable, we do our best to protect them. Pertussis (whooping cough), for instance, is spread by people coughing. Sometimes the first symptom of a baby having pertussis is apnea (stopped breathing). Wintertime is particularly dangerous because the airborne viruses influenza and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) are epidemic and kill many children every year."

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Still, the doctor recognizes that many parents prefer to make their own decisions -- especially if there are extenuating circumstances. 

"Years ago I took care of a newborn whose mother's mother (maternal grandmother) was in Florida dying of cancer. This mother chose to take her newborn on an airplane at 4 days of age -- certainly not ideal; however, she was then able to see her own mother one last time before she passed away shortly after her arrival," Dr. Hiramatsu explained.

CafeMom has spoken with experts before who have similar feelings about when it's safe to take a newborn outside

"There is no correct medical answer to this question," said Jenny Thomas, MD, a pediatrician with Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee.

In other words: It largely boils down to your personal preference and what makes sense for your life. However, while there is no rigid timetable for when baby should make his debut, many doctors do stick with a "wait until six to eight weeks" rule if outings can be avoided. 

"During the first six to eight weeks, the baby's immune system is still developing," explained Genevieve Fairbrother, MD, an OB/GYN at Atlanta's Northside Hospital, the largest birthing hospital in the US. "It's best to avoid public crowds and nonessential outings until that time."

Bottom line? A parent's choice is a parent's choice.

One person who was certainly happy to see the whole gang together was Pink's hubby. Hart shared his support on Instagram. 

Very proud of my wife, and it was really special to march in the streets with my family today. I'm not pro republican, democrat, or government. I'm pro constitution and rights. Just as I'm pro gun, for anyone to marry whom they love regardless of gender or race, and women's rights. I think it's embarrassing that government has a say is what my wife or my adult daughter does with their body. I'm a big believer in staying in your lane. Don't like what I'd do or say? Don't pay attention. It isn't your business. So how about government say out of women's business? Lastly I have 2 amazing Women that work at the top of my personal business pyramid. I employ them because in my opinion they are the best people for the job. Period. I know this runs much deeper that what I just said, but I had to say my piece. Don't like it? Stay in your lane �

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Looks like these parents will have a couple of little activists in the making.

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