Mom Bills Friend $396 After Her Daughter's Shoes Get Damaged at Playdate

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There are tons of reasons why you might be hesitant to host a playdate. Aside from having little ones running and screaming through your home, stuff can -- and probably will -- get broken or damaged, leaving moms and dads to pick up the pieces ... and possibly contend with irate parents. Sarah Louise Bryan is one such parent, who was indeed so irate, she billed a mom $396 for her 3-year-old daughter's shoes that got damaged at a playdate. Thinking about deleting that fun e-invitation for your next shindig at your house? Yeah, you aren't alone.


Even if the name Sarah Louise Bryan doesn't ring a bell (she's a British fashion designer who made a prom dress out of donated pubic hair), there's a good chance you heard about a mum whom Piers Morgan roasted and belittled on Good Morning Britain recently, calling her "the worst kind of parent."


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Sarah has come under fire for an email she sent to a fellow mom, because she was upset that her 3-year-old daughter's shoes had scuff marks on the bottom and permanent marker scribbles on the toecap after a playdate. Sarah's email requested that this mom reimburse Sarah £325 (about $396 US dollars), full payment to replace little Isabella's shoes.

"So Isabella has just come home from her playdate with your child and I am disgusted to see her new Italian leather shoes are all scuffed and have a Sharpie mark on them," Sarah's email begins. She continues:

Below is the bill for these replacing because they can not be fixed these are fine Italian leather! As a designer I do not want my child to look anything less than pristine.

Bill for a replacement pair of Italian fur booties £325 to be paid by 01/02/2017 before I take this higher.

Thank you


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I didn't have to hear much about this story to know the Internet was going to come for Sarah. And while I don't condone mom-shaming of any kind, I'll admit I turned my head sideways at the thought of allowing a child to wear such expensive shoes to a playdate and then getting mad when said shoes (at a playdate) didn't come back in pristine condition.

Since her email and interview on Good Morning Britain, Sarah has released a statement on Facebook apologizing for her actions. "... My behaviour to the situation hands up was wrong and if I could go back I would ..." Sarah writes. 

Sarah has also apologized to the mom friend she tried to bill -- and reportedly this mom has accepted her apology.

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Look -- parents have a right to dress their children in whatever they'd like. (Sarah says experiencing child abuse and homelessness growing up made her want to spoil her kids.) But this story right here is why you won't catch my 3- and 1½-year-old boys wearing items that cost hundreds of dollars. 

My kids don't have to go far to stain, rip, or mess up their clothes -- which is one of the reasons why I don't put a ton of effort into dressing them up in items that could hold their own on a red carpet, or pay the light bill and the cable bill.

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Stories like this make me nervous to host a playdate at my house. Don't get me wrong, mama loves creating a Pinterest board and sending out a cute e-invitation (yes, I'm extra and don't care) ... but folks these days are just too quick to try to bill and sue parents, which makes me shake my head (#AintNobodyGotTimeforThat) and inform fellow moms and dads that I'll meet up with their families at a park or play center.

Would I get mad if my 3-year-old's almost $400 shoes got damaged at a playdate?

Um, hell yes.

... But that's just another reason why I wouldn't let him wear something like that -- let alone, to a playdate. 

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