This Fisher-Price 'Toddler Exercise Bike' Has Parents Losing Their Sh*t

Fisher-Price reveals their Think & Learn Smart Cycle

The more years I gain under my belt as a parent, the more I realize how much people complain about every. Freaking. Thing -- to the point of name-calling and labeling other moms as "lazy" or "undeserving" of their children when they don't agree with their opinion. I'm sure folks will come for me too now,  as I don't think Fisher-Price's new Think & Learn Smart Cycle for kids -- which has quickly been coined as a "toddler exercise bike" -- is that big of a deal. In fact, if it wasn't $150, I just might buy it for my kids.



Social media has been on fire ever since Fisher-Price revealed its new Smart Cycle at the 2017 Consumer Electric Show in Vegas. Intended for children ages 3 to 6, this bike will hit stores sometime in late summer/early fall and will be a part of Fisher-Price's line of activity-based toys.

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And whether you agree with the concept of a stationary exercise bike for kids or not, you have to admit that it does look kinda cool. 

Though the bike with a tablet on the handlebar does challenge kids -- both physically with peddling and with age-appropriate apps to teach little ones everything from math to science and social studies -- and does have fancy tech features (like Bluetooth capability), people, presumably parents, aren't having it ... at all.

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Good grief.

To make sure I wasn't losing "mommy points" -- or on the verge of turning my kids into fitness-crazed robots (well, they do play in the kids' gym at my fitness center a lot, so ...) -- I asked what some of my coworkers thought about this exercise bike for kids. Liz, a friend and fellow staff writer, had the first Smart Cycle Fisher-Price released back in 2007 and sees nothing wrong with the idea.

"My kids had one too, and it was a lifesaver for times when I was making dinner or had to make a call," Liz jokes. "Also, no traffic or skinned knees in the living room!"

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I get so annoyed when people assume parents who might like this toy don't take their kids outside to play, are too focused on their body image (really?), aren't monitoring the amount of screen time they're exposed to each day, and are lazy for thinking this could be a fun toy that offers an interesting learning element.

I live in the Buffalo area. It's seven degrees outside right now (seven!), and we just got hit with snow that seems to come down here as much as it rains. (I'm new to the area.) Because of this, I'm making a play space in my basement for days that it's too cold for my boys to go outside and play -- and this stationary bike would make a good addition next to the baseball hoop and mini soccer goal.

Like other moms and dads, I'm well aware of the screen time recommendations for kids, which is why I wouldn't let my boys attempt some Tour de France endeavor on this Smart Cycle. My little ones enjoy story time, playing with blocks, and learning shapes, letters, and numbers each day. So long as I'm monitoring how much screen time they have (too much of a good or fun thing can be bad), I just don't see why the thought of this toy is causing so many people to lose sleep.

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Here's an idea that might work: If you don't like this Smart Cycle, don't buy it -- and leave those who do alone.

It's as simple as that.


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