Parents Post Videos of Their Kids' Hatchimals Dropping the 'F' Bomb

What the ...? While Hatchimals were already in the dog house with moms, dads, and kids for not opening -- or dying shortly after hatching -- now they're in even bigger trouble. Parents believe their kids' Hatchimals are cursing -- and it would almost be funny if it weren't so wildly inappropriate.


As if Spin Master, Hatchimals' manufacturer, wasn't having a tough enough week, moms and dads have been sharing videos of the most coveted toy of the season engaging in what some believe is straight-up dirty talk. Listen and see if you agree with what these parents think they're hearing:  

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Could it be "fluff me," maybe? Parents are doubtful and contacting the company to find out what the "eff" is going on. Spin Master put out a statement on its Facebook page, noting it plans to resolve "any issues" and thanking customers for their continued patience.

Wonder how it plans to silence these furry friends. Can a Hatchimal get a time-out in the naughty chair, or egg, in this case? 

Initially, it sounds like the little guy is just cooing, but then moms and dads believe what he's saying is definitely not suitable for impressionable ears. 


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These poor parents and kids -- what a letdown after all the hype. How do you tell your child you're banning their brand-new toy for foul language? 


This guy says his Hatchimal swears in its sleep. That means you'd better get the kids to bed first.

Parents who didn't buy into the craze that saw moms camping outside of stores or spending hundreds of dollars to get one for their kids have to be breathing a sigh of relief that this is one less holiday headache they have to deal with. 

As holidays pass, there seems to be one toy that sticks out each year as the most memorable item of the season. We've lived through Cabbage Patch dolls and Tickle Me Elmo, but something tells us these Hatchimals are going to live in infamy for a very long time.

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