See Parents Go Nuts When Coveted Hatchimals Refuse to Hatch


Unless you've been living under a rock (or inside a speckled egg), you may have heard that Hatchimals were the ultimate holiday gift this year. But, for some kids, this furry family member wasn't all it was cracked up to be (see what we did there?). Parents, who hunted high and low for this year's hot item, took to social media to cry foul when their kids' Hatchimals either refused to hatch or died moments after busting out of their shells.


Adding insult to injury, as the old saying goes, was the fact that Hatchimal manufacturer Spin Master's customer service center was unable to keep up with the calls and complaints. Some parents reported waiting over an hour on hold to try to resolve their issues, leaving kids heartbroken when their new toys malfunctioned and there wasn't much Mom and Dad could do about it.

Take a look at some of the disappointed recipients and their irate parents:   

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Talk about a lesson in patience! At least dad and daughter are enjoying a little quiet time together. 

Still waiting....#hatchimals

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This dad has every right to worry about when things are going to turn ugly in his house:

Others, true to what we've seen throughout 2016, were happy to latch onto possible conspiracy theories:

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Watch Chrissy Teigen try to get daughter Luna's Hatchimal to come out and play.

After all the hype that saw some parents coughing up hundred of dollars and camping outside of Target to make their kids happy this season, some can't help but take a bit of pleasure in the fact that many of these would-be pets have turned out to be duds.

This photo kinda says it all ...

Although this is pretty depressing too ...

Probably the only people sadder than the kids about these Hatchimals not working are Spin Master's customer service team. Good luck with this one!

Spin Master did issue this apology on its Facebook page:

If your Hatchimal is working, enjoy it while it lasts. If it isn't, at least you know you're not alone.

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