Little Boy's Adoption Photo Is the Best Thing You'll See This Season

This story gives sweet and special meaning to that holiday favorite "I'll Be Home for Christmas." After spending 832 days in foster care, an adorable 3-year-old boy has been adopted -- and his celebratory photo will bring a tear to your eye in the best possible way. 


The fist-pumpin' boy with the great big grin is named Michael. He first met his now "forever" family when he was 18 months old. His new mom, Tara Montgomery, shared their heartwarming story.

"We were his third foster family. His original case plan was reunification with his 'bio-mom.' When that plan failed, a new plan was set. As a single parent, I was not looking to adopt, just to help kids during transition," she explained to ABC News.

But the single mom of two older daughters said she and her girls felt an instant connection to Michael Brown, who just happened to share the same last name as his new sisters'.  

It's no wonder this happy family's story is going viral. Grab a tissue, take a look, and prepare for the sweetest thing you'll see all day.

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"He is the most loving, smart, funny and happy kiddo. He wakes in the morning and says, 'Mom, I so happy,'" says Tara, who adds that the photos, shared by her daughter Dae, totally capture the toddler's enormous spirit.

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"This photo is the definition of his personality," Tara explains to ABC. "He couldn't help but let everyone know that he was being adopted today. We are so happy to have Michael in our lives."

What a great ending for this little boy. When you see his face, radiating such joy, you know he's exactly where he's meant to be. Congratulations to all!

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