Unbelievable Photo Shows Baby's Feet Sticking Out of Mom's Uterus

Intrauterine baby

When an expectant mom goes in for her routine baby appointment, the last thing on her mind is the thought of finding out she has an extremely rare condition. That's what happened to this unnamed 33-year-old mother whose MRI image of her baby's feet outside Mom's uterus will blow your mind -- and then some!


It's so hard to even imagine how this mom felt during her doctor's appointment. Just 22 weeks pregnant at the time, Mom was likely dumbfounded when doctors made the astonishing discovery that she had a rare condition that caused a one-inch tear in the wall of her uterus. (Yikes!) The New England Journal of Medicine published a report about Mom's pregnancy journey and says she had no prior symptoms, which made this medical discovery all the more astonishing.

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Here's the MRI image that shows the point where the expectant mother's uterine wall ruptured (it's marked by two white arrows), which, as a result, allowed part of the amniotic sac -- along with baby's legs -- to pass through the tear.

Talk about mind-blowing!

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Doctors involved with the published report believe Mom's previous five pregnancies -- all of which were C-section deliveries -- increased her risk of uterus tears. The report also notes that Mom's tear didn't occur in the exact spot of her previous C-sections, but was "close by." 

Although Mom's uterus tear had grown to two inches when she was 30 weeks pregnant (doctors note in the report that baby's abdomen had passed through the rupture) -- which resulted in the swift decision to have a C-section (baby weighed 3 pounds at his birth) -- both Mom and her baby boy seem to be doing well today six months postpartum.

I don't know how I would feel or react to seeing my baby's legs hanging outside my uterus. (Um, how you doin'?) I would likely freak out, run into a wall, and need to be admitted somewhere.

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Mom had to have experienced a terrifying ordeal as doctors worried about her health and potential risks -- like preterm birth, Mom's amniotic sac rupturing, and placenta accreta that would prevent the placenta from properly detaching from the uterine wall. Thank goodness Mom and baby were okay before, during, and after delivery! (Doctors mention in the report that Mom wasn't even put on bed rest prior to having her baby.)

This story definitely finds a spot in the catalog of fascinating medical stories. It's such a miracle nothing happened!

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