Mom Vilified for Giving Kids 300 Christmas Presents Buys 'Em Even More This Year

Mom shares Instagram photo of gifts for her kids

Christmas is the time of year where children write out long lists of all the gifts they hope to find under their tree. Some parents refuse to (or can't!) oblige every want, and others don't have a problem with it. Emma Tapping is a mom of three whose massive Christmas gift mountain got even bigger this year. Do you think 300 presents is too much? How about 350?



If the name Emma Tapping sounds familiar, that's because she's the UK mum who made headlines last Christmas. She posted a photo of her Christmas tree with 300 presents underneath it and sparked off quite the controversy -- even leading some to consider Emma "abusive" for spending that much money on her children, who were 14, 10, and a baby at the time.

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Welp, Emma decided to up the ante this year by posting this photo of her holiday tree with 350 gifts (the presents reportedly totaled close to $2,500). Taking a photo of her enormous bounty of presents, Mom has a message for those who have a problem with it.


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(Yup, that's definitely more gifts!)

"Another year of hard graft, saving and planning. Another year of my family making me proud every day. They deserve a great Christmas," Emma captioned her photo. "The haters will hate but nothing and no one will change how I do Christmas."

Well, alrighty then!

And just in case you think Emma should feel bad for showering her kiddos with as many presents as she wants to give them, yeah, think again.

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"Why should parents who graft their arses off be made to feel bad because they buy their kids presents?" Emma writes in her post. She continues:

There's 365 days in a year to gather some prezzies up. I will NEVER feel bad for giving my kids a good Christmas. LOTS of presents, LOTS of food and drink, LOTS of family time, LOTS of love. If ya don't like it. Tough sh*t!

She does have a point.

I have to commend Emma for sticking to her personal convictions. Mom obviously DGAF about what anyone thinks and will continue to provide for her children in the best way she sees fit.

Plus, it's not like this mother doesn't know a thing or two about saving.

Aside from sharing money-saving tips on The Boss Mum, Emma tells This Morning With Phillip and Holly that she starts saving up for all of her presents at the beginning of the year to help ensure she remains debt-free.

"I must admit, I'm an ace bargain hunter -- absolutely brilliant," Mom shares. "I've managed to do it all again without credit cards, without debt, or anything like that .... The way I see it is that I'm not asking anybody else for a penny of their money. [To] each their own at Christmas."

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If I'm being honest, my head hurts looking at all those gifts -- and thinking about all that paper I would have to recycle. Giving my children hundreds of gifts isn't my cup of tea, but I won't knock Emma for wanting to do so with her kids. I don't know her personal finances, whether or not she's investing in her children's academic futures, or if she gives back to others in need.

... And it's not really my business.

Regardless of what you think about Emma's shopping prowess, it's pretty evident that she loves her little ones. Hopefully their home is full of affection, attention, and adoration -- things money can't buy -- because that's what really matters.

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And you know what? I'd like to think that it is.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Emma.

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