Video of Dads 'Breastfeeding' at Work Is a Mom's Literal Dream

Naya Health creates viral #IfMenBreastfed video
Naya Health/YouTube

Imagine a world where men could breastfeed. Such a thought might sound weird, but it makes us wonder how their lives would be, compared to the reality of our lives -- specifically, how breastfeeding would affect a man's life on the job. Naya Health's now-viral "If Men Breastfed" video takes a hilarious stab at the notion in a visually awesome way while pointing out a pretty major double standard.


"Do you think our wives have any idea how hard we have it?"

Naya Health gets an A+ in our book for this epic video that shows how a day in the life of a breastfeeding dad at work might look -- posing the question, "If men breastfed, would we still be dealing with outdated breast pumps, closets that double as lactation rooms, and a work culture that treats pumping as an inconvenience?"

Yeah, the answer is NO.

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Lactation steaks. Pumping leaderboard. Having the quintessential "Who's is best?" breast pump discussion.

Hahahaha. OMG, this is perfect. 

I can totally picture a lounge for nursing fathers -- that rolls out the red carpet and spares no expense -- at work. Sadly, most of us know and realize the same cannot be said for new moms who return to work and have to cower inside a janitor's closet or a bathroom stall to pump.

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Sadly, many work environments still operate under a "boys' club" mentality that can make progress for nursing moms in the office a distant reality. I don't think breastfeeding moms want a personal bartender to store their liquid gold inside some high-tech refrigerator (actually, that would be nice), but a simple understanding and a bit more compassion -- that doesn't make Mom feel like she's being a burden at work for trying to keep up with her child's breastfeeding schedule -- would be great.

One of my dad friends, Richard E., who watched this video, said it best: "[This video] made me realize what my wife goes through at work and how tough of a time new moms have trying to keep up with their job demands and breastfeeding. There's such a push against providing a room to nurse, and yet, I can picture my boss and coworkers having a happy hour room like this if the situation was reversed."

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I can't tell you how how grateful I am to have worked from home after giving birth to my now 2½- and 1½-year-old boys. I can't even imagine how moms who head back into the office do it -- trying to slip out unnoticed to pump breast milk without bring attention to themselves (God forbid).

Hopefully companies will take a look at this video and think long and hard about the kind of work environment they provide for their employees -- including mothers who come back after having a baby. Life would really be so much better for everyone if nursing moms didn't have to cop a squat in the supply room because there's nowhere else for them to go.

(I'll keep my fingers crossed.)

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