New Mom Changes Baby's Name 3 Times & She's Still Not Done


If you've ever stared at your child and thought, I know I named her Claire but she really looks more like a Kate, you might be able to relate to this mom. A dad shared that his wife has changed his 18-month-old daughter's name three times already. Unsure how to proceed, he turned to Reddit users for advice.  


According to HuffPost Parents, this mom first changed the name after three months, believing it was too "common" -- and now she doesn't think that sounds right either. So she wants to do it again!

The concerned father, who goes by the name rad_dad2016, wrote a longer post, which has seen been removed, but this remains in the thread: "Wife (28F) keeps wanting to change our (35M) baby's name (18mosF)" -- along with plenty of comments, including more details from this dad.

Naturally, Reddit users want this man to put his foot down and force his wife to stick with one name so this poor kid doesn't grow up totally confused.

It sounds like Rad Dad knows what he has to do but doesn't quite know how to go about it. 

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Even if it's not a legal change, at such a young stage of development, you want your child to be able to respond when you call her name, for safety reasons, if nothing else. Sure, every parent uses pet names now and again, but switching between formal names would be really confusing.

Some commenters were emphatic that this dad put a stop to it for his child's sake.

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Other, more laid-back parents think it'll all turn out A-OK.

Unless you were absolutely 100 percent certain on the name you chose for your own child, you can see where this could happen. If you have a traditional hospital birth, you have about 48 hours to pick a name and put it on the birth certificate before you and baby head home.

For many parents, that often doesn't feel like enough time to stare at your little one and try to get a feel for his or her personality, making it tough for some to just arbitrarily choose a name and commit to it -- for life.  

I knew a mom who settled (key word) on one name for her son but had it legally changed two weeks later when she was absolutely certain it didn't fit him. Her family thought she was nuts but she was confident in her decision and has never regretted it. 

But we definitely get this dad's concern. Changing it more than once is bordering on strange. And, as his daughter grows and she continues to change, it seems likely that his wife will decide she should have another new name to match. And, we get it: Picking out baby names is fun! Maybe it's time for this mom to have another child if she has more great names up her sleeve. 

We don't know how this dad will solve the situation but we sure hope he figures it out for his daughter's sake -- whatever her name might be!

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