12 Cringeworthy Times Kids Were the Worst at Receiving Holiday Gifts

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As hard as we might try to encourage an attitude of gratitude around the holiday season, kids are notoriously, un, honest -- especially about gifts they don't like or want. Watching them open a package and bracing for their less-than-appreciative response is cringe-worthy for any parent. But at least we know we're not alone!

We asked moms to share those moments they'd love to forget when either their kids or another ungrateful recipient shared his or her true feelings about the present they just unwrapped. Commiserate with these poor parents who found themselves in some awkward situations!

  • Underwear -- Say What?

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    "When I was a teenager, my mother bought my nephew (he was 6 or 7 at the time I think) a big Tonka truck type thing and then got him a little tin Spider Man box with a couple pairs of Spider Man boxers so that he would have two things to open like the other kids. When he opened it, he said, 'Who would by underwear for a kid?' We thought it was funny."

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  • A Toy for Fido

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    "For my son's first birthday my mom got him a dog toy (no not a toy dog -- a toy meant for dogs). He opened it up took one look at it and threw it over his shoulder."

  • Wish List Gone Awry

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    "My niece and nephew? Worst kids ever at Christmas. Every year my sister-in-law sends me a detailed list with pictures. I get them exactly what's on the list. They'll open their presents and say the rudest shit. Like, 'What am I supposed to do with this?' Or, 'Why would you buy me that?' Or 'I don't want this, what is it?'

    Seriously makes my blood boil. They are really spoiled."

  • Cash Is King


    "My son, when he was around 4 or 5, one year for his birthday got a lot of art stuff -- he loves to draw and since we were having a combined party with my nephew (boys are three days apart in age), my sister-in-law told everyone who asked to get my son art stuff. 

    "After about the fifth time opening up yet another pack of paper and drawing pencils he said, 'Really? It would be nice to get something else!' The last two presents he opened were from my nephew's great grandma and grandma, and they had also got him art stuff, but they each put a $20 inside of it. He opens that and says, 'Now that is what I am talking about!'

    To this day we are not sure why he felt the need to say that, as we have always told him to just say thank you and we can return the gift later. My sister-in-law never told anyone what to get him again."

  • Shoes? Surprise!

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    "Years ago I got an iPod touch for my oldest. It was a big deal back then before every kid had cell phones and expensive and her main gift. The box it came in was small so I put it in a bigger box (an old shoe box) so it wouldn't get lost in the shuffle and wrapped it.

    "We all took turns opening one gift at a time. When she unwrapped it as her last gift she saw the box said Stride Rite and pouted and put down and said, 'Great. Shoes. Worst Christmas ever.'
    I almost got angry at her ungrateful attitude but then laughed and said, 'Open it anyway.'

    "She was super excited and squealed and jumped up and down -- we still laugh about it."

  • Never-Satisfied Nephew


    "My son has never acted ungrateful about a gift. My dad gave him a can of corn for his birthday one year as a joke and he acted so excited about it. It was hilarious. My sister's son, however, almost always acts like an asshole about gifts. I hate buying for him because of it. He will open something, announce that it isn't what he wanted and toss it aside. It steams me up."

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  • Bluetooth Bummer

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    "I gave my oldest grandson a hundred-dollar Bluetooth -- he looked at it disappointingly ran upstairs and brought down his expensive earphones he paid for himself. When he left, the one I gave him was still sitting on the counter. I wanted to snatch it up and keep it for myself. No, I didn't."

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  • Too Big for Barbie

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    "I gave my 6-year-old niece a Barbie doll and she prompted handed it back to me and told me, 'I'm too old for this.' What a brat!"

  • Boombox Backlash


    "My oldest son was 11 or 12. He asked for a boombox and we were so excited to watch him open it. His reaction when he opened it was ...'This isn't the one I wanted!'

    "Bubble buster."

  • Lackluster Lamp

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    "When my kids were 5 and 6 we were visiting the in-laws for Thanksgiving. My step-sister-in-law gave the kids their Christmas presents early since we would be back home. The 6-year-old twins got toys, don't remember what, but they were toys they could play with. The 5-year-old got a lamp. It was a doll lamp, reasonably pretty, but a lamp nonetheless. She was not so thrilled. She didn't voice her disapointment but it did show." 

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  • Erector Set Rejection

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    "My middle son got an erector set from his father and was less than thrilled. When he opened it, he said, 'Oh, I wanted Legos, can you get me Legos instead?' I reminded him that it was rude to say that and to say thank you. He was 8, I think."

  • Creepy Critter


    "I have two girls who are 10 years apart and they have both been ungracious about gifts at different stages. My mother-in-law is a notoriously terrible gift giver. She recently gave my 2-year-old the scariest, most horrifying stuffed animal that says the creepiest bedtime prayer. She is terrified of it and promptly screamed, 'NO! I don't want it. THROW.IT.AWAY!'  It was mortifying because we, of course, don't want my mother-in-law to feel bad.

    The same day, she gave my 12-year-old stick-on earrings. She has pierced ears.  My 12-year-old held it together a bit but was really struggling and I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes when she said, 'Thanks, Grandma' through gritted teeth!"

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