Don't Be a Grinch About These Hatchimal 'Apology Letters' From Santa

Hatchimal 'sold out' Santa letter for parents to use.
Amber Gordon Photography/Facebook

Hatchimals have been flying off the shelves like hot cakes. Most parents who are trying to "keep hope alive" will soon realize that many retailers sold out of these beloved plush toys with little to not chance of replenishing their inventory before Christmas. Rather than spend a small fortune on the Internet trying to find one, some parents are using Santa apology letters to inform their kids why a Hatchimal won't be under the tree. Although the thought has caused some to roll their eyes, I'm wondering what the big deal is.


Amber Gordon is a photographer and mom who crafted up an "I'm sorry" Santa letter for her little girl in the event her Hatchimal shopping expedition turned unsuccessful. "This toy was the only toy she asked for so I as a parent felt that I wanted to try and preserve the Christmas spirit in her for at least one more year," Mom told The Huffington Post

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Luckily for Amber she found a Hatchimal, though she's quite aware other parents might not have her luck -- which is another reason why letters like this are surfacing around the Internet.

Here's one that hopes children will remove Hatchimals from their Christmas lists this year as doing so will help protect "this species for its future growth." There's also mention of climate change which is a pretty scary concern -- especially around the North Pole -- that gets bonus points for environmental awareness.

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Parents who are determined to give their kids a Hatchimal -- even if the holidays have come and gone -- can use this letter that reiterates the notion that good things come to those who wait.

If grown adults want to take time out of their schedules to craft or share a letter from "the North Pole" about why their child won't be receiving one of the most sought after toys of the year, I'm certainly not going to lose sleep over it.

Does this mean I'm going to use one of these with my boys? No. They're 2 and 1 and are still enthralled with with the magic of riding through a car wash -- let alone some toy that "hatches" over time. Plus, both my husband and I have decided we're not going to play up the whole Santa thing in our house.

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But guess what?

I'm not going to turn my nose up at moms and dads who want to go the extra mile with their kids this time of year to soften the blow they won't be receiving a Hatchimal.

Spoiler alert: Santa Claus isn't real, and the North Pole isn't home to those nine reindeers we've come to love. Why act like a Scrooge towards families who enjoy the make-believe of the season knowing it's not what Christmas actually represents?

As far as I'm concerned, sending your kid an apology letter from Santa Claus is no different than baking cookies and leaving them out for him when he comes to visit your house.

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I think these letters are creative and could even be used in a way to not only teach patience, but help little kids to not put their everything into toy. (Okay, maybe that's wishful thinking but sue me, I'm an optimist.)

The holiday season should be less about what you receive and more about what you give to others (hopefully parents everywhere are instilling this into their children), but we are talking about kids here -- children who likely are too young to fully understand what's happening in the world around them.

Maybe you're a rip the Band-Aid kind of person who doesn't like to sugarcoat things, and that's fine. Just remember 'tis the season to be jolly, so let's all work on keeping our Grinch-like reactions to ourselves.

If you like these Santa letters, cool. If not, don't use them!

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