Mom Kicks Out 7-Year-Old Who 'Voted' for Trump in Disturbing Video

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How can we, as parents, reaffirm to our children that we love them unconditionally if we do hurtful things the moment they show an opposing view? Many people (myself included) are troubled by the video of a mom "kicking out" her 7-year-old because he voted for Trump during a mock election at school. Not only was this little boy belittled to tears, but his mom forced him to hold up a sign about why he was "evicted" from his home for all to see.





Is your blood boiling yet? Yeah, you aren't alone.

Mom took to Facebook to share a video of the ramifications her 7-year-old son faced -- including yelling and cursing -- for choosing Donald Trump at a mock election at school.

"Since you voted for Donald Trump, you can get your sh*t together and get out," Mom says as she tells her little boy to take the suitcase she packed for him and leave the house.

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Needless to say, this footage is extremely disturbing to watch.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy E. Nehls and Child Protective Services are investigating this horrifying incident between the unnamed boy and his mother. 

I don't care if this young boy voted for Gary Johnson ... NO CHILD deserves this ... period! Public shaming is not the way to reinforce the lessons we wish to instill in our children. It's hurtful and can sever any and all future dialogue between parents and their children.

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Plus, this little boy is a 7-year-old! The chances of his knowing the ins and outs of public policy or what each candidate stands for is pretty slim.

Watching this video made me so ashamed and infuriated. Hearing this young child break down as he pleaded to stay in the house -- and seeing his younger sibling cry for him -- was too much. I don't give a damn how much you wanted your candidate to win, no child should be shamed like this.

All I can think about are my 2- and 1-year-old sons and how much I want them to know they have unconditional love from me. I want to have a relationship with them that encourages dialogue (even if we have opposing views) down the road. I want them to know they will be cherished even if they don't do something that I like.

How are we suppose to teach our children to rise above pettiness and not to act out if they don't get their way by doing something like this? 

In a world full of so much hate and division, we should all be working on ways to come together with love and acceptance. My heart breaks for this child and the humiliation he experienced. No child should ever live in fear of not having a roof over his head because he upset his mom or dad.

This election has caused so much strife in so many families -- and as scary as this mother's actions were, it's pretty safe to assume she does in fact love her children. I'm not sure what will happen to this family once the investigation is over, but I do hope there is healing for everyone involved.




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