Parents Receive Nasty Note Calling Them 'Selfish' for Living in a Small Condo

neighbor shames small house ownerNo one enjoys being criticized -- particularly when it's baseless and especially when it comes to parenting. A San Diego family received an ill-conceived note calling them "selfish" and shaming them for the size of their home because of the "conditions" it creates for their children. Wow, just, wow. 


Mike and Kelli Bruning, recipients of this nasty and misguided missive, have lived in their two-bedroom condo for nine years. They've chosen to stay put while raising their 2- and 4-year-old sons. Hear anything wrong with that? No, we don't either. 

You almost have to see this note to believe it.

There's so much wrong here, it's almost hard to know where to begin. First of all, how is this anyone else's business? Second, isn't it what's going on inside the home that's far more important than the actual square footage of the building? 

The Bruning family's condo is just steps away from the beach. As a mom, I'm hard-pressed to think of "conditions" my kids would like more than having the ocean in their backyard. 

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A quick Zillow search shows that two-bedroom condos in this Mission Beach neighborhood sell for close to $1 million. So it sounds like this neighbor has a lot to learn about kids growing up in grim conditions. Clearly, they're living in one of the most affluent spots in the country. With all the whale watching and paddle boating options for these little guys, it's really tough to see where this neighbor is coming from. 

Fortunately, the couple is taking this bizarre incident in stride. They told Fox5, "The key thing is, it's really nobody's business. Yes, it's a tight space inside, but we live here so [our kids] can experience being active in all that the outdoors has to offer."

Clearly, this neighbor, in addition to being unaware of general social etiquette, is also unfamiliar with the tiny home movement in which more and more people are attempting to shed the trappings of materialism, get out of debt, and live a simpler life on their own terms. Some may even be tempted to go off the grid to try to outrun nosy neighbors like this one!

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Having a large home isn't the key to familial happiness, despite what this neighbor might think. While, sure, there are times when growing kids need their space, once they're in school, participating in activities, and spending time with friends, they're busy much of the day.

Plus, I've never once heard my kids say, "Wow, I wish we had a guest room." Or, "It's a shame our laundry room isn't more sizable." But they do ask to go to the beach -- all summer long. 


Image via Kelly and Mike Bruning/Facebook

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