Teen's Clueless Tweets About Tampons Prove Boys Need to Know About Periods Too

teens tweets about periods
Anatomy can be confusing. We get it. But one male teen's tweets confusing menstruation with bladder control issues are exactly why boys need to learn about those monthly visits from Aunt Flo -- even if they're not impacted firsthand. 


A Twitter user unwittingly set off a Twitterstorm when he posted this misguided (in so many ways) tweet: 

teens tweets about periods

As if that's not odd enough, he went on ...

teens tweets about periods

and on ...

teens tweets about periods

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Talk about a guy who doesn't know enough to quit when he's behind! Not surprisingly, women came forward to attempt to put this teen in his place.

teen tweets about periods

You'd have thought that after his initial confusion somebody would've explained to him that he may have tampons confused with diapers or Depends, but apparently not.
teens tweets about periods
As one could have expected, this teen, who we have to imagine slept his way through health class -- literally -- has faced significant backlash since making these statements. 
teens tweets about periods
Of course, it shouldn't have to come to this -- but what your mom or your dad actually needs to do now is to sit you down and explain the female body in all its splendor. Or, at the very least, get you a book from the library. 
Seriously, if this guy is old enough to have a Twitter account, he's ready for the old "birds and bees" convo. Learning the ins and outs of the reproductive system is not only imperative for his own well-being but, if he truly has a girlfriend as he suggests, he needs to understand the basics not only to be a decent boyfriend but also before he finds himself becoming a teen daddy.
While it might not be a talk every parent relishes having, it's one that's completely necessary. Thanks for this reminder, young man.
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