Every Kid Should Learn About Islam in School -- No Matter What This Mom Says

Islam in schools

How much Islam in our public schools is too much Islam? According to one mom in Northeast Tennessee, the answer is simple: Any. Any Islam in school is too much.




Michelle Edmisten is unhappy because her seventh grade daughter received failing marks on assignments she refused to complete. She refused to complete them because her mother said it was against their religion to learn about Islam. Edmisten took her complaint to the school board, asking them to drop the assignments rather than fail her child.

"It is time as parents, teachers, and administrators we stand up and take back our families, our schools, and our country," Edmisten said.

Her attitude is apparently shared by other parents and even one board member who moved to have the offending textbook removed from the curriculum.

To this, as a mom, I have to ask: How could they? Truly, how could they?

I have three children, 10, 8, and 2. I feel my biggest obligation to them, beyond feeding, clothing, and housing them, is to educate them. It is to make them worldly. How could I possibly do this if I refuse to allow them to learn about any culture different from my own?

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My husband and I spend enormous amounts of money on travel opportunities for us and our kids. We spend a lot of time seeing different countries, eating different foods, and exploring history through hands-on experience. But even when we can't or don't travel far from home, I have always wanted my children to have dolls from different countries. They have books about characters with skin tones different from their own. I want them to play games made in Africa and ones made in Nicaragua and to meet children at the playground who speak different languages and eat different foods. This is the beauty of America.

How can we possibly continue to live in this great, big, amazing melting pot if we can't accept that people will practice different religions? How can we get along if we keep our children insulated and isolated from world views that do not mimic our own?

How sad for the child who isn't allowed to see how big the world can be and how much it has to offer once you leave the safety of your own backyard. Edmisten isn't a bad mom, I am sure. She thinks she is doing the best thing for her child. But as a mom, I will say it breaks my heart that the division in this country will only continue to grow with children like her daughter being brought up that way.

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We have to all pull together. So I can't help but take it personally and strongly encourage my fellow moms to pull together to try to understand each other and all the cultures around us. We may find that listening, learning, and being open to each other's cultures is the way forward and out of this ugly division we see so clearly in this election cycle. And if anyone can fix it, it's mothers. After all, we all have one common goal: to see our children prosper in happiness.

We all love our children and want the best for them. I just wish we could also all see that part of wanting the best means being open to and learning from all the different cultures that make up our one great America.


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