Dad Pushes Breastfeeding Mom Around Target in a Shopping Cart Like a True Prince

Every breastfeeding mom needs a supportive partner: someone to adjust your pillows, fetch a glass of water, provide general encouragement ... and, if need be, push you around a Target in a shopping cart while you're nursing a hungry baby. That's what one mom's husband did for her during a recent trip through the toy aisles, and the photo posted on Facebook is equal parts hilarious and inspiring.


According to the post on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, this mama and her family were shopping for her 10-year-old daughter's birthday when her 15-month-old daughter decided it was time to nurse, now. And considering they'd been scanning the shelves for close to an hour, we certainly can't blame her! (Not that we blame the 10-year-old for taking too long, either -- it was her birthday, after all!)

The question, of course, was how exactly to pull off this maternal magic trick in the middle of the toy section of Target. Should she have plopped down on the floor like a human speed bump waiting to trip up eager toddlers in pursuit of playthings? Should she have banished herself and her baby to some dark dressing room two escalators away? Or ... should she have made brilliant use of one of those gigantic shopping carts with the kid seat, with her husband acting as chauffeur?

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As the below photo proves, this mom went with option "C" -- and we're so glad she did:

The best part is the little girl's foot propped up on the cart! She certainly has no reservations about getting her nurse on in the middle of Target. And why should she? Of course there are bound to be haters; even on the obviously pro-breastfeeding Facebook page on which the photo was shared, there were a number of derogatory comments. Thankfully, most people recognize the photo for what it is: a particularly poignant, funny moment in the life of a breastfeeding mom (with an apparently awesome husband). 

Almost more upsetting than the critical comments, though, were the ones from moms saying they wished their partners were as supportive as this dad. That's right, there are still plenty of guys out there who insist their wives or girlfriends "cover up" or go and hide somewhere to breastfeed -- and that's just a shame. As if it isn't hard enough for moms! Breastfeeding might look like a one-person job, but ideally, it shouldn't have to be. Unfortunately, too many men out there still have a LOT to learn about teamwork when it comes to parenting (and life).

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Hopefully, with more photos like this one going viral, the tide will finally begin to turn and public breastfeeding will actually be accepted in our society so that moms don't have to feel ashamed (and dads don't, either). About. Damn. Time!


Image via Dyakonova

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