If Your Kid Is a Pain in the Butt at Restaurants, This Menu Is for You!

Restaurant creates super fun kids menu for picky eaters

Parents with picky eaters (you know, practically everyone with a kid) know how real the struggle is to get a child to eat his or her dinner. Between the bribing, praying, and occasional threats you whisper under your breath, moms and dads often go through the ringer trying to get kids to eat what's in front of them. That's what makes this deli's tell it like it is children's menu so freaking hilarious. What parent can't relate?!


A Reddit user named nabced posted this rib-tickling snap that should be the standard for every restaurant. Why waste your ink trying to play up food that kids will only shrug their shoulders at?

Local Delis Kids menu from funny

In case it's hard to read, here's what the menu says:

I Don't Know ....
Ball Park - America's Favorite Hot Dog with French Fries

I Don't Care ....
2 (2 oz.) breaded chicken tenders with French Fries

I'm Not Hungry ....
Grilled cheese with French Fries

I Don't Want That ....
Fish Stix with French Fries

This. Is. Brilliant.

This menu brings back soo many memories of telling one of my parents how much I did not want to eat the food on my plate in a restaurant. And the funny thing is, it was the same stuff I ate at home!

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My kiddos are only 2 and 1 right now, so I have yet to reach this oh so wonderful parenting milestone.

... But if I had to guess, my 2-year-old would order the I Don't Care -- with an extra side of "Ketchup touching my veggies!" -- and my 1-year-old would order everything, because, well, he eats everything.

I can appreciate this deli's poking fun at a common parenting problem that affects so many moms and dads. Let's face it, it's sometimes hard trying to dine out with a child, let alone enjoy the experience. They're complaining. People who are eating nearby are complaining because of your kid.

It gets tough.

So thanks to whoever made this. Heavens knows moms and dads need more laughs throughout the day, and this definitely delivered!



Image via nabced/Reddit

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