Target Pulls Kiddie Shopping Carts Thanks to Complaining Moms (Are Y'all Happy?)

Target shopper with cart

Who knew little red shopping carts would cause such an uproar. In case you missed the controversy, Target recently pulled their kiddie shopping carts because of annoyed parents who grumbled about their being one of the worst ideas in the world. And as great as it is for the red dot company to listen to us, I just wish we could get to a point in our society where we don't complain about every little thing. Are mini shopping carts really that bad?


Target's pilot program seemed to end faster than it started, thanks to parents who shopped at one of the 72 participating stores and had no problem taking to social media to express their frustrations. One such mom is Laura Rinas, a blogger who started the (admittedly) pretty hilarious "Mothers Against Stupid Tiny Carts" movement.

Rinas writes:

We had such a good thing.  It was easy.  I showed up, you delivered.  Every time.  And now… now there is this thing between us. This tiny, red thing, with wheels and a really cute flag that makes it look innocent but it's actually there (admit it) to warn everyone close that whatever is at the bottom of that flag is bringing DANGER AND PAIN AND STRIFE and that they should run in the opposite direction.

And obviously, this mom is not alone.

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Listen, I get it. As a mama of 2- and 1-year-old boys -- who accompany me on weekly Target runs (we shop there for our grocery and household needs) -- I can testify to kids throwing random stuff in the shopping cart, throwing themselves on the floor when they don't get their way (this thankfully hasn't happened to me ... yet), and feeling like you're on some Animal Planet show as you try to wrangle in your kiddos.

Shopping with children can get crazy ... but crazy stuff often happens without miniature shopping carts. So why can't those of us who are willing to deal with them just deal with them?

My 2-year-old son would've loved to try one of these kiddie carts. He's constantly pushing our cart during a shopping trip, which can sometimes make his attempts to "help mama" counterproductive. (God bless him.) He just can't see over the cart, which makes navigating through aisles a bit of a task.

Having a kiddie cart would not only make his day, but would enable him to "shop" a little easier. My son loves carrying items and putting goods (that aren't eggs, milk, and things that would crumble into thousands of tiny pieces) into the cart. For the most part, he listens pretty well, which means my boy would be able to keep said shopping cart for the duration of the trip.

(My 1-year-old, however, is a different story. He is a bit of a maniac who would cause me to look for Cartwheel discounts to pay for all the things he damaged.)

And should he ever choose to be a rebel without a cause, bye-bye kiddie cart.

It's as simple as that.

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I think it's a bit of a shame Target completely nixed these miniature carts instead of making a few available to parents who are okay with their children using them.

I guess the majority of parents have spoken.

Oh well ...

Back to the double shopping cart I go.


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