Criticizing 'Teacher Bae' for What She Wears Misses the Lesson We Want to Teach Our Kids

Patrice Brown is

We must come to a point in our society when we value a person for what they do -- not what they wear. By now you've probably heard about Patrice Brown, a fourth-grade teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, whose outfits are turning heads online. Known on social media as "teacher bae," this educator is being criticized for her "immodest" attire that some believe is sending the wrong message to students.



Needless to say, there are critics who feel Miss Patrice should cover up.

Since pics of Patrice's outfits on Instagram have become such an Internet phenomenon -- for reasons good and bad -- the Atlanta Public School system has issued the following statement that addresses Brown's classroom ensembles:

Atlanta Public Schools can confirm that Patrice Brown is a paraprofessional employed with the district. She was given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code, the use of social media, and Georgia Code of Ethics for educators, and she has been cooperative in addressing her presence on social media.

Being a mother of two little boys, I found myself searching through Patrice's Instagram to see what the big deal was.

Would I, as a mom, be worried -- or offended in any way -- if one of my children had a teacher who dressed like this?

And honestly, that answer is no.

Sorry, but knee-length dresses and stylish patterns don't really bother me.

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Not one bit.

Although I can understand how some would want to censure Patrice for her outfits, I wonder if the same people would have an issue with a teacher who was less curvy rocking the same thing?

As one person aptly points out on Twitter:

Just as I wouldn't force my husband to stay away from a parent-teacher conference if it was with Ms. Brown -- in fear that his eyes would wander, because he's such a hound dog -- I think my boys wouldn't buckle to their oversexualized minds inside her classroom, either.

(There's obviously tons of sarcasm here.)

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Seeing as Patrice has been noted as a former Educator of the Month, I think the children she teaches will be all right.

... Because, while we're condemning this teacher for her attire, Patrice is stocking up on school supplies to educate her kids.

Patrice also spent her summer months tutoring students to help prepare them for academic success during the school year.

And if that doesn't make you love her, what teacher do you know who pays for his or her student's piano lessons?

We crap on moms for rolling up to school in their pajamas, and now we're crucifying teachers who step up their work attire?

How can we win?!

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Growing up, I had some not-so-good teachers who wore clothes to work that would make you keep the Fashion Police on speed dial. And yet, their abilities were never brought into question -- so why are we trying to condemn educators who like to be fashionable?

Patrice, I know you teach the fourth grade, but, um, do you give private lessons on style? 'Cause this mama could use a few.




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