Mom's Brilliant Plan for Getting Son into 'Dads Only' Event Is #SingleMom Goals

yevette vasquez and elijahOne of the most painful experiences for kids of single parents is being excluded from events designated for "dads and daughters" or "mothers and sons" or any such gender-specific parent-child combination. So painful, in fact, that one mom recently went to endearingly great -- and super creative -- lengths to make sure that her son would be included in a school breakfast just for kids and their dads.


Mom-of-three Yevette Vasquez of Fort Worth, Texas, wondered why there were so many more cars than usual in the parking lot of Sue Crouch Intermediate School when she dropped her son Elijah off last week -- until the boy informed her that the extra traffic was for "Donuts with Dad" day, adding, "You got 10 minutes until the bell rings."

Showing the kind of spunk single moms have in spades, Vasquez accepted the challenge of finding a way to make Elijah's donut dreams come true and the two dashed back to their home (which luckily is only about a block away from the school) to craft a brilliant dad disguise: fake mustache, plaid shirt, baseball cap, and even a touch of men's cologne!

The result? Pretty freakin' adorable, if not entirely convincing: 

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Awww! The look on Elijah's face is just so sweet. Even sweeter is how he wasn't at all embarrassed by the idea -- in fact, he had a blast helping his mom get ready.

"He was telling me what I should wear," Vasquez told CNN. 

"He kept saying, 'No, you still look like a girl!'" 

This story is such a perfect example of the amazing bond that develops between single parents and their kids, and of the powerful kind of teamwork that happens in households with just a mom or just a dad. And not only is this story inspiring because of the laughs and strength and the awesome communication between mother and son, but it's also inspiring because of the reaction Vasquez and Elijah got at the "Donuts with Dad" breakfast.

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"Most of the dads thought it was really cool," Vasquez said. "They thought it was really supportive and sweet. I did feel the energy of a few men who weren't as comfortable with it though."


Hmmph. Some people have a lot to learn. And as the child of a single mother -- who spent several years as a single mother myself -- I must say that makes me really sad. Growing up, I barely knew any other kids whose dads weren't around, which made me dread events like my high school's annual father-daughter dance (and all the pitying looks from teachers and friends that came along with it). It wasn't so much that my dad wasn't there to take me to a dance in my school cafeteria with a bad DJ (and no boys!!) that I probably would have complained about having to attend anyway -- it was that I couldn't go. Because I was different. I was lacking something all the other, normal kids had. And no kid ever wants to feel different. 

Thankfully, even during the time I spent as a single mother, my kids never had to go through the same thing; their dad was (and is) a huge part of their lives. But kids who don't have both parents in their lives are still forced to face the stigma I felt as a child, despite decades of supposed social progress. And that's so unfair. If there's anything single parent families need, it's support from their community. 

At least for Vasquez, the bad energy of a few disgruntled dads was totally offset by the thousands and thousands of likes she got on Facebook when she posted about her prank. Of course, the only person whose reaction really mattered to Vasquez was Elijah -- and it was a moment he'll never forget.

"I wasn't about to let him miss out," Vasquez wrote on Facebook. "I know seeing other dads with their kids isn't easy for mine but it's life.”

Lucky for Elijah, a great mom is part of his life too!


Image via Yevette Vasquez/Facebook

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