Airline Delivers Wrong 5-Year-Old to Panicked Mom & We Can't Even

jetblue delivers wrong child to waiting momAnytime your child is traveling without you, you're probably at least a bit nervous. But, when you pay extra to ensure that your youngster gets some assistance and is safely boarded onto the correct flight, you should enjoy a little peace of mind. One mom has been through the unthinkable when JetBlue flew her 5-year-old son to the wrong city and brought her a different little boy as she waited anxiously at the gate to see her child again. Can you even imagine?



Maribel Martinez told NBC she was waiting at Kennedy Airport in New York for her son Andy -- who had remained in the Dominican Republic with family after the two traveled there together on vacation -- when JetBlue staffers presented her with a little boy who was clearly not her child. Just thinking about it, you can feel your stomach lurch, can't you? The things that must have gone through that poor mom's mind!

Turns out, the two boys both started off in the DR but Andy was sent to Boston, while this other fella was flown to New York. As if that mixup weren't frightening enough, the other boy was carrying Andy's passport -- causing you to wonder if security agents and staffers are really even looking at these documents. 

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It's unfathomable that this mom paid extra so that something like this would not happen. While it's horrifying, it isn't the first time an air travel nightmare has unfolded for a child flying alone.

Earlier this summer, a 13-year-old girl was flying by herself, and although her family paid an additional $300 for her to do so, she was molested by a stranger for 30 minutes before a flight attendant even noticed. 

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We completely understand that there are times when sending your child on an airplane seems like a good option. Let's face it: Plane tickets are expensive. Plus, you'd think there are so many staff members aboard, someone would do the responsible thing and keep an eye on the child, especially when that's a service offered and you've paid for it. 

We have to imagine the parents of the boy who landed in New York are equally upset. We just hope he was returned safely to his family as soon as possible. 

These incidents are important reminders that if your child is flying solo, tell them to alert an attendant if anything seems amiss. also offers important safety information parents can review before sending kids on an unaccompanied flight.

Tips include: Escort your child to the seat if possible; ask that the child have at least one seat between him and the next passenger, and be sure that passenger won't be overindulging from the beverage cart; identify the flight attendant who will be in the area. 

So, what has the airline done to try to right this wrong for the mom who's been put through a hellish experience? JetBlue has refunded Martinez $475 and given her $2,100 in credits to use for future flights. Not surprisingly, this mom says she has no intention to ever use the airline again. Can't blame her! 


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