Mom Joyously Celebrates Her Kids Going Back to School -- but Crying Your Face Off Works, Too

Mom Meghan Maza Oeser creates hilarious

Has the back-to-school season got you feeling some kind of way? Maybe you're a parent who happily hums Beyonce's "Formation" as you line your kids up to get on the bus. Or, maybe you're doing your best to fight back tears. Every parent reacts differently when his or her child leaves for school, which is why Meghan Maza Oeser's "Mom's First Day of Freedom" post is the perfect dose of sanity you'll need to survive another academic year.


"Knock knock?" "Who's there?" "Not my f*cking kids!"

You don't even need to ask how Meghan is feeling now that school is back in session. With six kids (God bless your uterus, woman!), the mom and Ultimate Spoon blogger has no problem admitting just how excited she is to soak in some much-needed mommy time. 

That's what makes Mom's Facebook post so perfect. It's honest and invites other moms and dads to celebrate the back-to-school season.

Lol! Don't you just love the baby milestone–inspired board? "62 Inches tall and 115 lbs according to my driver's license ... in 2006."


Brilliant, just brilliant.

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Meghan definitely mic-dropped on this post. Not only did Mom deliver the laughs, and talk about the realities (and struggles) of being a stay-at-home mother, but Meg's ending to her amazeballs back-to-school rant is also perfect for every parent.

As Mom says:

All in all ... we're all PARENTS, and we're in this sh*t together. High five that mom that cries her face off when she puts her 5-year-old on a bus.

But for F*ck's sake ...

That momma that's celebrating outside her front door, with mimosas in hand and a giant smile on her face (slowly raises hand) ... give that b[*]tch a HUG!

Aaaamen, sister!

Who knows how the hell I'll be once my 2- and 1-year-olds trot off to school. Part of me feels like I'll have a "Bye, Felicia" moment, given I'm around them 24/7. (Hey, being a work-from-home mom is no joke.) But then I think about the change and how I've become used to seeing their silly faces the entire day.

Yes, my kiddos will just be going to school (they will likely bug me when they get home), but that doesn't mean I can't shed a tear or two that my little boys are growing up -- when the time comes, of course.

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With so much back and forth about how parents should act when their children go back to school, it's a bit refreshing to see moms, like Meghan, who can let their hair down and high-five moms and dads -- no matter how they act when their kids go off to school.

You aren't a horrible excuse for a mother if you decide to robe it up and relax with a cocktail in hand after your drop your kid off at school. You also don't need to get a grip should you feel your child is growing up way too fast and cry like you just relived Rose's losing Jack in Titanic.

All of us have different needs and reactions.

Live in your truth ... and feel free to pass me a glass should you make a pitcher of mimosas.

(I just need a splash of OJ in mine.)



Image via Meghan Maza Oeser/Facebook

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