Ranting About 'Kids Today' Says More About You Than Them (VIDEO)

Susannah Lewis is funny. She ran into a group of girls taking selfies at TJ Maxx and made a fairly hilarious video making fun of how they were acting. She's sort of right. Our "kids today" are weird, if you compare them to kids from decades ago. But I think they're wonderfully weird in all the right ways.






Here's the Cliffs Notes version: Susannah was in TJ Maxx when what she called a "gaggle" of girls were mugging for their phones. Susannah was unimpressed because: They look silly, and why are they taking pictures in TJ Maxx instead of a more high-end department store?

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There are probably legit answers to both of those, but instead of asking them, Susannah, in a bit of irony, went to her car and recorded herself critiquing the girls on her own phone.

The video has gone viral and inspired all sorts of people to agree that "kids today" are just lame and terrible and spend too much time on those damn phones. Here's what she had to say:

Point taken, but I'd also like to take just a minute to defend our kids growing up in this wacky connected world.

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Our kids are smart, they have huge expectations, and they've got access to limitless amounts of information on those phones. As a result, they are more connected, and I would argue, more aware of the world around them. Just because they like to pose for duck-face selfies doesn't mean they're losers.

I'd like to show you a couple of teenagers who are able to act silly for their phones and also dominate the rest of the world at the Olympics ... In case you don't recognize these gorgeous faces, here are gold medalists and teenage heroes Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez:

I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that taking duck-lipped selfies might look silly to us olds, but this generation of teenagers is a powerful force in this world.

Scrolling through the tens of thousands of comments on the video, I found myself agreeing with comments like this one from a woman named Tonya:

How about she fix whatever is in her life that is making her so miserable that she has to find joy in making fun of children who are just having a good time -- and find some damn joy in her life. Let people live their lives. Spend that energy you wasted making a video and ranting about something that doesn't affect you in the slightest and use that energy to do something decent for the world.

But there were plenty of folks -- like this woman named Daphne -- who think Susannah's hot take is right on:

These young immature girls today make me this irritated too, it's like full blown attitude + narcissistic behavior = ANNOYING!!! This video was so dead on!!

Because none of us were ever "young" or "immature" -- right? Give me a break.

Regardless of your point of view, it's important for all of us to remember we were teenagers once doing stupid and annoying things. We might have had walkmans and Game Boys instead of iPhones, but it's the same idea. The only difference between us and kids today is that irritated moms in the '90s couldn't run back to their cars to make videos mocking our big bangs, dark lip liner, and Doc Martens.

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Today's teenagers are creative and informed and have opinions about the world. They're using those phones to become actvists like Amandla Stenberg, and entrepreneurs like social media mogul Kylie Jenner. Let's give them and their selfies a little more credit.

And one more thing -- just maybe the next time Susannah sees a group of girls who look like they need to be in school instead of loitering in a discount store, maybe try talking to them.

Or go rant to a phone in a car -- your call.


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