McDonald's Recalls 29 Million Toys: 5 Things Parents Should Know

McDonald's is recalling their Step-iT trackers

We should always listen to our mommy intuition! It just might save our kids from injury. Several parents -- including Casey Collyar, who made headlines for her now-viral Facebook post -- have expressed concerns over the new McDonald's Step-It happy meal toy. As awesome as it sounds to have a gadget for kids that promotes staying active, many became fearful about the physical harm it seemed to be causing children. Last week, McDonald's decided to remove Step-Its from its Happy Meals -- and now, they're recalling over 29 million activity wristbands due to the risk of burns and skin inflammation.




The announcement, published on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website, comes after the fast food giant received over 70 complaints regarding incidents involving the Step-It tracker and children.

Here's what parents need to know:

1. McDonald's is recalling the Step-It activity wristbands due to potential injuries to children -- including skin irritation, blisters, and even burns.

2. Roughly 29 million units sold in the US are included in the recall, along with an additional 3.6 million sold in Canada. The Step-It wristbands were distributed in both Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals between August 9, 2016, and August 17, 2016.

3. There are two types of Step-It activity wristbands (both are being recalled): the activity counter and the light-up band.

  • The activity counter wristbands (available in blue, green, and orange) feature a digital interface that tracks a child's movement.

McDonald's is recalling their Step-iT trackers

  • The light-up wristbands (available in orange-yellow, purple, and red) are motion-activated and blink to indicate a child's movement.

McDonald's is recalling their Step-iT trackers

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Both the activity counter and light-up wristbands have a square design, "Made for McDonalds" engraved on the back, buttons to activate each toy, and "Step-It" printed on each device.

4. McDonald's advises customers with a Step-It activity toy to take them from children immediately and return all wristbands to a McDonald's for a (free) replacement toy. (You'll also receive a bag of apple slices or a yogurt tube.)

5. To learn more abut the Step-It recall, you can contact McDonald's toll-free at (800) 244-6227 seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT. Consumers can also contact the CPSC toll-free at (800) 638-2772 (TTY 301-595-7054) for more information.

This was such a great toy idea for a fast food company. Hopefully they can find another alternative that's just as awesome -- without the potential risks, of course.




Images via US Consumer Product Safety Commission


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