Mom Shares Powerful Message to All Mothers Afraid of Public Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mom shares empowering post to help #normalizebreastfeeding

As if Internet trolls and mean people weren't bad enough, all of us battle with a critic that's impossible to shake: ourselves. With so much negativity surrounding mothers who choose to nurse their LOs outside their homes, it's no wonder why some mommies are too afraid to try. Shawnee Prether's uplifting public message to every breastfeeding mom will make you scream "Hell yeah!" and hopefully inspire you to silence any and all self-doubt.


"Be brave if you can, and most of all, be PROUD!"

The Ohio mom admits she's never (knowingly) been criticized for breastfeeding in public, and Shawnee hopes her words, shared on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, will motivate more nursing mamas to come out of the shadows.

Sometimes, the fear of being attacked is just in your head.

(Um, guess who scores bonus points for breastfeeding and pumping at the same damn time? This mama right here!)

As Shawnee says:

All the scary stories on the Internet are so rare, I've nursed all my children for a combined total of over 5 years and I have never, ever had a single bad experience.

One can only hope more mothers will be as lucky as Shawnee has been.

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Unfortunately, public breastfeeding shame is very real. There are too many stories of mothers being harassed and scolded for simply trying to feed their babies.

But, you know something else?

The automatic fear -- or assumption that things will turn sour -- can oftentimes be a personal battle.

I remember nursing my second kiddo in Target after they announced their breastfeeding policy that supported nursing moms last year. At first I was afraid; I was petrified. I kept thinking I could never breastfeed my baby with passersby.

After playing the internal game of "Should I, or Shouldn't I?" for five minutes, I finally decided to do the damn thing -- and it wasn't a big deal! In fact, I had many people giving me the thumbs-up, letting me know breastfeeding my child in public was no crime. (It's actually quite legal.)

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I'm thankful for mothers like Shawnee, who aren't afraid to stand up for breastfeeding in public, and offer support to those who may be timid to try.

Mom notes:

To the woman huddled in a bathroom stall because you're embarrassed to nurse in public, COME OUT! To the woman who decides to use formula during the trip because you're afraid security will hassle you for carrying on milk or a pump, DON'T. To the woman who passes on a night out to avoid people seeing that you do what's best for your baby, GO!

Whether you choose to nurse under your shirt, with a cover, or any other way that's comfortable for you, don't live in fear of public breastfeeding -- or pumping for that matter.




Image via Shawnee Prether via Breastfeeding Mama Talk/Facebook

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