School Shames Moms for Dropping Off Forgotten Lunches -- Seriously, Guys?

A Catholic high school in Arkansas has a message for parents: You're annoying and if your kid forgets his lunch, too bad. It's gone viral because people love anything that craps all over parents -- moms in particular. The school's attempt to shame parents is just petty and insulting and doesn't teach kids anything. Yes, really.






Here's the sign hung up at Little Rock's Catholic High School for Boys.

It says:

If you are dropping off your son's forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, etc., please turn around and exit the building. Your son will learn to problem solve in your absence. 

Oooh, sick burn on helicopter moms. The monster mothers of lore who are diabolically involved in their kids' lives. Please.

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But people love it and it's going viral.

I get how lots of people took it. They think we're raising the biggest bunch of entitled, coddled narcissists ever to plague the earth and that things were much better before seat belts and back when lawn darts was just an exciting bit of afternoon fun.

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You know, people who don't currently have school-age kids.

Let me explain the reality from this mom's point of view: We can't win.

If we aren't packing the perfect lunch or sending our kids to school with their homework done and ready to crush it on standardized tests, we're terrible parents shirking our duties. We are expected to be invested and engaged in our kids' school lives. Isn't that what we're told is best?

Yet, God forbid we take our eyes off our kids for two seconds and something horrible happens like they fall into a gorilla habitat! Then we'll have social media mobs screaming for us to be thrown in jail.

I guess that only applies unless we cross the line into irritating the school staff.

Give me a break. 

I live in Arizona, where it can be 110 degrees on my daughter's school playground in August. If she forgets her water bottle, rather than just let her overheat and dehydrate, I'm taking it to her at school. Sorry if that inspires eye rolls at the front desk.

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What about the mom of kids with allergies who want them to have their own lunch rather than take a chance they could have a reaction?

The school's principal said the sign and policy is "simply to help boys avoid the default switch of calling mom and dad when things don't go right and bail them out."

Eye roll. It's lunch, not springing them from jail.

What about the kid who lives part-time with both divorced parents and forgot his football pads at his mom's house yesterday?

Is there ever an excuse to help our kids out when they need it? Don't we all deserve a much-needed assist regularly from the people who care about us? I don't see the big deal.

The world is a tough place for parents today. Wages are down, the cost of childcare is up, and there's more pressure on families than ever. There are school shootings and terrorist threats. Parents have a legit reason to worry about being able to provide for and protect their kids.

So if making sure our kids have their math book makes us feel a little better about the job we're doing, maybe the "tough love" proponents at this school could just show us a little compassion and appreciate that we just want what's best for our kids instead of telling us to exit the building. 

The pissy, condescending attitude certainly isn't doing anything to help anyone -- not moms, and not our kids.


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