Mom Warns That New McDonald's Fitness Toy Might Be Harmful for Kids

Mom shares scary image of toddler burn from Happy Meal

Parents who recently made a trip to the Golden Arches might've been surprised to see that the "toy" kids scored inside their Happy Meals encourages physical activity. (Who says fast food and exercise can't go hand in hand?) And as exciting as it is to see the Step-It wristband light up -- and dream about the #fitnessgoals our kiddos will have -- one Arkansas mom alleges the McDonald's activity tracker burned her 4-year-old boy, which is pretty scary to imagine.




Casey Collyar recently took to Facebook to share photos of her son's burns. This mom claims little Cason didn't even have his Step-It tracker on his wrist for 10 minutes before a burn mark appeared.

Yeah, that's definitely not good.

If your kids have this happy meal toy do not let them play with it. Cason has a burn after playing with the toy for...

Posted by Casey Collyar on Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mom spoke to FOX19 Now, saying:

I have received approximately eight to nine messages from other parents ... all of their children have been burned by the watch, and I received one message from an adult. At this time what angers me is that McDonald's has not pulled the Happy Meal toy.

Oh goodness.

In response to the incident, Terri Hickey, a McDonald's spokesperson, told FOX19 News:

McDonald's Happy Meal toys, including the Step-it Activity Bands, undergo extensive review and testing by independent safety laboratories and we remain committed to providing our youngest guests with safe and fun Happy Meal toys.

When I first saw these toys inside my kids' Happy Meals, I couldn't help but feel a little excited. They've seen me walk, skip, and jump with my Fitbit -- so the thought of their having their own (and leaving mine alone) was definitely worth the mini celebration.

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My boys have had their Step-Its for about a week now and, thankfully, without any problems. Sometimes they wear them, and sometimes they couldn't care less about having colorful fitness trackers -- but hey, that's kids for you.

I truly hope this whole fiasco gets sorted out, as no parent should ever have to deal with his or her child getting burned by a toy. Given McDonald's says it's reportedly looking into the matter, here's to getting to the bottom of things sooner rather than later.

I think it's so awesome for children to have toys that help encourage health and fitness, even if it happens to come with a side of fries. (Hey, you can get apple slices.)

Crossing my fingers this will be a quick fix!

*Update: McDonald's has decided to remove Step-Its from their Happy Meals.





Image via Casey Collyar/Facebook



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