This Mom Knows Peeing Alone Is Impossible -- but It Can Be Hands-Free!

Mom blogger posts hilarious pic peeing with a toddler

Having kids is great and all, but my, can it make the simplest of tasks more difficult than they need to be. Annie Nolan is an Australian mom of three whose photo perfectly captures the struggles moms have when it comes to peeing with a toddler nearby.


Damn those child carriers.

As much as moms and dads love navigating aisles and sidewalks hands-free, all those babywearing devices can get tricky -- which is why Annie likely said "F**k it" before squatting to handle her business like a boss.

"When you need to wee but you just spent 15 mins securely strapping a child to your back."


I can't help but laugh at Annie's photo. As a mama of two tots, I feel her pain in not wanting to undo that damn child carrier just to tinkle and put it back on. 

(Yup, the struggle is real.)

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I can tell you one thing -- doing this will definitely score you some amazing legs. As if squatting isn't hard enough, can you imagine adding the weight of a kid to your back?

Props to you, Mom!

You know something? Annie might be onto something with this idea.

Any parent knows the craziness that can (and will) ensue if toddlers are left to their own devices. Within two seconds, the child you told to stay put inside the bathroom stall can unroll the toilet paper, crawl underneath the stall, and flood each of the sinks inside the public restroom.

So, yeah, maybe you might want to bring your baby carrier into the bathroom with you. Never know when you're going to need it.

Haha, thanks for the great idea, Annie!


Image via uncannyannieblog/Instagram

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